Zig Zag Crash on Through

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

This can be a motto of my life.  I always seem to be zigging and zagging on though it.  There is never that clearly defined path.  So, I tend to just make my own way.  Stumbling falling down, but every so often there is the right push, and that zigging and zagging creates a break though.  A way to see beyond the next avoidance.  Do not be afraid of those unexpected failures, those crashes that leave the ego bruised and battered.  Get up, look around, and discover how you can crash on though.

These were the thoughts that occupied my mind as i wandered back to my home this afternoon.  Trying to make everyday the day that I crash and break on though simultaneously.

I try not to fret.

I try to my troubles.

I let what is to be, be.

and I create those spectacular crashes ALL by myself.

Live Up ! ! ! ! !

I Zigged, Then Zagged, and Busted on Through

Hair Flow Intertwine

Red Squared Bump

IN the Mix

Up the Danchi, Climb

3 O’clock in the P.M.

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

It was 3 O’clock in the P.M. when I took these images.  The air has been full of pollen that is driving me to verge of my sanity.  I try to pay it no heed, by focusing on taking some pictures.  Delving into my own inner soul.  Round and round like the hole I photographed.

Wall, Four Poles, and Danchi

Hole into It All, Again

Clean, Clean, Rusty, Clean

I’m Naked Without it

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Yeah that’s right. Read the headline again.  I am naked without it.  Of course, in this case I am talking about my camera.  Today was the first time in a very long time, that I left the house with out putting my camera in my bag.  I felt like I had walked out of the house with out any pants on.  I would reach for the little ricoh, but it wasn’t there.  A big sigh!.

So, the images from todays post are from my stroll around Kasai on Saturday.  Buildings, constructions, all competing for my attention.  Therefore, I had to point my camera in many directions.

I won’t leave home without my camera tomorrow.  That is for sure.

Moshi Rust

Bako Abstact

Front Side Garden Siding

Front Side Garden Siding

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