Kiba: Park and Concrete

Strolled around Kiba Park on the edge of Tokyo on Saturday.

The skies were as gray as the concrete used to build this urban park.

A quiet stillness in a park full of activity on a Saturday afternoon.

Red Curly Cues

Wall of Location

Bridge in My Sky

2 Responses to “Kiba: Park and Concrete”

  1. jjc Says:

    iller and iller and iller your shots are so sick!
    i love that you post like i post cause theres always something new to inspire me!

    keep snappin’

  2. jacob Says:

    thanks jjc.
    recently using Lightroom to my advantage.
    I say anyone not tweaking their images is missing the
    last step in producing a quality image.

    glad they inspire you.

    keep snappin up the bay area.

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