Accidentally on Purpose

We wanted to go to one of my favorite Nepali spots in Chiba on Sunday, little did we know that there was a summer festival happening in the city of Ichikawa.  So, we were pleasantly surprised to be able to walk around the food stalls after we filled up on curries and momos.

I really dig the way the food booths just glow at night.  They take on this surreal ethereal quality.  The banners are aglow with colors that only appear in the twilight hours.

I look forward to hitting up and exploring more festivals as the summer heats up.

Cup Ice Blast

Streak of Masks

Chocolate Banana Head

Bag-O-Juice with a Straw

Ta Kushi

2 Responses to “Accidentally on Purpose”

  1. Paul Says:

    Brilliantly captured colors!
    “Art is captured in the moments between the mundane” 😀

  2. jacob Says:

    thanks paul…

    so true.
    people miss so much beauty that
    right before their eyes on a daily basis.

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