Early Return of the Ice Fungi, Ice Needles, しもばしら

Ice Fungi, 2012, Kasai 02

I am always completely captivated by the arrival of the ice needles, or as I have penned them as ice fungi.  This wonderful creations occur when the air temperature drops below freezing yet the ground stays above freezing.  A wicking of the moisture begins and as it encounters the frigid air the water freezes.  They often have heads of earth with in my fanciful eye take after the spontaneous nature of fungus.

As far as I can remember this is the earliest in winter that I have seen them.  I usually do not encounter them until mid January.  It was, for this Miami boy, a cold night; however, it was beautiful to notice these sprouting next to the bus stop in the early morning hours.

I look forward to ice shrooming this winter to see what I can find.
Ice Fungi, 2012, Kasai 01

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