Jacob Schere was born in Miami, Florida in the 1970’s. After receiving a Kodak Instamatic in elementary school, he began to create images of the world that he dwelled in. He attended the University of South Florida, and then relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area after graduation. He began to document the underground music scenes in the Bay Area and Miami in the 1990’s, including such groups as Envision, Plan Be, Nicole Henry, and Mother Superior. Throughout the 90’s he also freelanced for “The Source Hiphop Magazine,” capturing free-wheeling images of the real hip hop. One day in 1999 he woke up in Tokyo.


Jacob quickly found both inspiration and acceptance in the streets of Tokyo. Japan’s premiere magazine of the Japenese intelligentsia “Chou Koron” (Central Review) featured one of Jacob’s photo essays in 2002.The photo essay was a powerful exposition of the affects of 9-11 on Schere’s America and NYC.

Schere went home to Miami in 2003 for the opening of his first solo exhibition “Metamorphic Media” at one of downtown Miami’s cutting edge art-spaces.

2004 saw Schere featured at a group show of up-and-coming young artists at Sudo Gallery Tokyo.  Also in 2004, Jacob’s fashion venture M2C [More to Come] held a gallery debut in Tokyo called “Shadows and Fog.” From this first show, M2C’s striking clothing designs quickly found their way to high end boutiques in NYC, Tokyo, Miami, and South Beach. In 2005 Schere, in collaboration with Miami Hiphoper Brimstone127 and NYC producer Jerry Kolber, began working with legendary hip-hop artist KRS-One on an untitled documentary about KRS-One’s philosophy, life and work.

2006 saw Schere’s work reach even farther corners of the world as he was published in France, America, Japan, and Spain.

In 2007 his word was featured in the Fabrica Project COLORS Notebook, in which his notebook was selected and Toured the word.  A year later his work was selected by Fabrica to be included in a collection called COLORS NOTEBOOK Faces.  The future promises to be years of artistic and personal growth for Jacob and his photography.

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