Lucid Communication and [ m2c ] are the alter egos of Jacob Schere. A self styled Freewalking Image Gathering Expressionista he is known for his photographic discovery of unnoticed beauty in the everyday world. Whether its Tokyo, NYC or Paris Jacob’s photographs reveal beauty in the haunted concrete fluorescent madhouse that is the modern city.

permanent collection

If you are a first time visitor to the lucid communication site this is where your journey should begin. It represents the finest images from various series, cameras and techniques. Exploring the possibilites with creating photographic images. Strong compositions, lusicious colors, engaging themes is a mission in Jacob’s images.

lost and found

The lost and found series leads the viewer into the Japanese practice way of placing lost objects in such a fashion that the owner of the items will be able to find them again. The objects are tenderly placed on a fence, a wall , or any other location and patiently await the owner to reclaim them. These items run from the mundane [socks] to the freakish [stuffed alligator].

By photographing these items, I let the viewer peek into the lives of ordinary Japanese citizens. There are some objects that are so ordinary it’s a wonder why someone would go through the trouble of placing them with care on a fence. I have witnessed or photographed hundreds of “Lost in Tokyo” happenings. The brightly colored objects contrast with the often cold concrete drabness of the environment where they have been lost and found.

There is a unique communicable interaction between the humans who lost the objects, the ‘hero humans” who found them, and then myself, who finds them with my lens. A kindness that most people think is disappearing from the planet lives and breathes In the urban landscape of Tokyo.


Here I explore the wonderful world of the Holga, the “Little Plastic Camera from China that Could.”?? I works with the philosophy that it is the mind of the artist working in conjunction with technology, or lack of technology, that makes for a great image. The Holga is as basic as a camera gets. Each camera has unique “issues” with it’s lens that works perfectly with my own love of happy accidents.

winter light

The luscious late winter light in suburban tokyo lets the viewer feel the warmth and glow of the sun on crips cool days. Traveling though the endless stream of apratments, houses, concrete pathways, it all becomes illuminated with incandesent light. Light is the theme of my photos in this section. The glow brings life into the inanimate concrete of a usually foreboding urban maze.

nyc 2006

Over the years I have adopted NYC as a second home. This series explores people and their environments in the concrete jungle that is NYC. Wandering the endless streets of city, letting the urban environment speak to my subconcious, I let my gaze and my camera meander to whatever captures my eye. The light enters the lens to transfix this time and place we call New York City into my film.

Abstractions:  Political Posters and Sign

A collection of images created by re-photographing political posters in Japan. By using a macro lens Jacob explores the territory of the image’s structure with in the poster.  The poster by the process of selection and enlarging becomes abstracted.  In addition to the visual elements of the images there are also the subverted messages of the politicians themselves being reexamined by Jacob’s lens.

Self Portaits:  Reflections into the Self

Geometrical Wabi Sabi

A geometrical exploration how I as a photographer interact with my surroundings in Japan.  How does the wear and tear of the images act in a harmonious natures in a land of concrete, steel, and plastic.  I like to call it geometrical wabi sabi.

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