Jacob Schere’s Resume/CV


1993 Diploma in Fine Arts, University of South Florida, Tampa


2008 Fabrica Features Libson, COLORS NOTEBOOK, Libson, Portugal

2008 Shanghai Art Museum, China and Tokyo, Japan

2008 Danchi [団地] Beautiful Solo Show Urayasu, Japan, Photographs, Collage Paintings and Movies

2007 Group Show Notebook Project [COLORS Magazine], Shanghai Art Museum, China and Tokyo, Japan

2007 Group Show at Space Gallery, Pacific Art Collective’s COLLABO, San Francisco, USA

2004 Group Show at Sudo Art Galery, Young Artist Message Show, Tokyo Japan

2004 Collaboration Show as M2C at LOW, Shadows and Fog, Tokyo Japan

2003 Solo Show at I/O [met’amor’phic me-di-a], with musician Brimstone127, Miami Florida USA


2009 Imagozine, Azure and Yoshimi’s Day Out in Tokyo, USA

2009 Y Sin Embargo Magazine #2, Intersection of Digital and Analog Media, Photo Essay, Spain

2009 Axe Libre, Abstractions: Political posters and Signs in Japan, France

2009 Um [Laut] Magazin, Lost and Found Photo Essay, Germany

2008 Posi+tive Magazine, Doors and Gates Photo Essay, Italy

2008 Colors Notebook FACES: the World Seen by the Rest of the World, A Fabrica Project, Interview, Collage, Photographs

2008 Blackpool Magazine HIFANA Zen and the Art of Beats, Article and Photographs, France

2008 Daheim Magazine, Work, Photographs, Germany,

2007 Dont Magazine, Tokyo Time Machine, Interview and Photographs

2007 Creature Magazine Festival Issue, A Few of My Favorite Things: Fry, Tekiya, Games of Chance and the Japanese Summer Matsuri, Essay, Photographs

2007 ISM a Community Project Magazine V. 04 I. 03 “Refining and Defining”, Photographs, Interview, Review, USA

2007 Blackpool Magazine, Saguragicho: Street Art Haven, France, Essay on Street Art in Japan

2007 Y Sin Embargo Magazine, Habitat Habiltos Issue, Spain, Photographs on theme of the place you inhabit.

2007 Y Sin Embargo Magazine, Hermaosa Issue, Spain, Photographs on the world as I see it

2007 Belio Magazine, USA Issue, Spain, Photographs on theme USA

2007 Axe Libre, Orlando: Kitch and Love, France, Essay and Photographs

2007 Axe Libre, Where will the Fisherman go to Drink? France, Essay and Photographs on destruction of a local Japanese drinking spot.

2007 Iniciativa Colectiva Magazine #2, USA

2006 Axe Libre, Tokyo Urban Nightscapes, France, Essay and Photographs on the Beauty of night in the suburbs of Tokyo

2004 Repellent Magazine, Heraldic Issue, USA, Photographs on the theme of heraldic imagery

2002 Chuo Koron Magazine, Taliban America, Japan, Photographs and Comments on reflection in NYC post 9-11-01


2008 Urayasu, Japan Newspaper, Interview and Photograph

2008 Kasai, Tokyo Japan Newspaper, Interview and Photograph

2007 Newtimes Broward Palm Beach, Pain and Progress:, Portrait Photograph of Hip Hop Pioneer KRS ONE

2007 Newtimes Miami, Hail Fire and Brimstone, Portrait Photograph of Brimstone127


2009 CD Cover Image, Full Mon March, Monotype, USA

2007 Una Al Dia, by Fernando Prats, Spain

2007 Como Volver a Casa, Pero no, by Fernando Prats, Spain


2007 Burrows Online Art Collection, USA

2007 Art for Humans, Movement Earth, USA

2007 Offzen Gallery, Jacobs: Everyday Life, Greenland

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