8 String Bass Guitar Rebirth of the Soul

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Time is a curious subject.  The older I get the more I loose any sense of time.  Time moves quickly, and I often measure time from when I saw a movie, or when I took a trip somewhere.  These are the markers of the years.  I have been thinking about where I want to lead my life from this point forward.  I had a deep conversation with my dearest friend Jerry Kolber who has agreed to help assist me in my search.  He is going to help me focus in on my subconscious and conscious mind.  The conversation definitely set off something in my subconscious because, that night I had an extremely vivid dream.  It was one of those dreams that I knew it was my subconscious trying to communicate with my woken mind.  I woke up and wrote down all the details that I could remember.

Objects from the dream include:

8 string bass guitar

triangular room


exotic beer

emotional content:






artistic/creative world

regular world

I am still in the process of unscrambling the images of the dream, but it already has had an impact on my life.  I took my acoustic guitar out of storage.  I took the old rusty strings off, and restrung it with some shiny brand new metallic strings.  Once I finally was able to get the guitar in tune, thanks to some online tuners, I proceeded to play for the next couple of hours.  I was just having fun.  Playing along with some music, looking up some notations online.  In other words, just vibing out.  It was just me and my guitar.

The weather has really turned to fall and I have the window in our place opened with a cool dry breeze blowing in.  I started to think about the dream again.  This time I took out a blank book I had bought, and I filled its first page with some of the dream images.  It was amazing.  I had tried to paint over the summer, but I couldn’t get anywhere.  Here, a dream led to one of my first drawings in a few year.

I am blessed.  I thank the Creator for stirring up my soul to help get my creative juices flowing.  I am looking forward to the rebirth of my soul.  I am open.  I am trying to be open is better way to look at it.  I am going to keep on searching for truth.

8 String Soul Rebirth

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