Steel Pulse with my Brothers

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

I was fortunate that my brother Brimstone127 got hooked up with four tickets to Steel Pulse.  For those of you who don’t know they are one of my all time favorite reggae groups out of the UK.  Just seeing Steel Pulse would have been heights in and of its self, but I was blessed to be able to enjoy the vibrations with my close brothers, Abraham, Jaime and Brimstone127.

After the show and the drive down back to Miami we stopped off for some much needed nourishment at a late night pizza shop off 27th street, for last minute prayers, pizza and brotherhood.

The memories of the chakka chakka guitars and being with my bothers will stay in my heart, always.  Thanks to all who came out and added to the positive vibes that swirled around Revolution.

Ticket to Vibrations, Steel Pulse

The Brothers, Abraham, Jaime, Brimstone127

Chant a Psalm a Day, Steel Pulse

Steel Pulse in Blue

The End of a Evening of the Heights

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