Autumn Acorn Memorial Gate

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Acorn Memorial Gate

It was just another sign of the passing from summer into autumn.  I spotted a few acorns that had been gathered and placed on the wooden gate of an old temple in Ichikawa, Chiba.  It is still early enough in autumn that the acorns were still green.  The green so beautifully contrasted against the centuries of patina on the wooden gates.

It truly seems like one day it was summer and the next day I am pulling a hoodie over my head to keep the chill factor at bay.  The wind was whipping around as gray covered the skies that this little acorn spoke out to me.

“Here I am!” it announced to the world.  I wonder how many had passed under the gate and missed this green gem.  Is the little acorn not speaking loudly enough?  Or is it that it is only there for the people that are operating on the same wave length.  Whoever placed the acorn there was also tuned into his/her surroundings.

As the phases of the moon tick off towards another year, it is always those little reminders that let us know the season, and our place in it.

Be on the watch for those acorns, for the changing leaves soon come.


Promise Acorn

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Promise Acorn [約束どんぐり]

There is a promise contained within the tough head of every acorn.  This promise has been handed down from generation after generation.  If the acorn find its way to the earth, becomes buried under the moist ground, is given thirst quenching water it too can grow into a mighty oak tree.

Nature’s covenant has been written into an acorn’s DNA structure.  If the natural progression is followed then the acorn can become a tree.  Yes that’s right, can.  There is no guarantee that all the elements needed to bring the seed to fruition will occur.  The acorn must adhere to nature’s laws to sprout into a mighty oak.

I could endlessly stare up and marvel at the mighty oak tree, and be reminded that it was once just an acorn at natures whim.

We can take measures to help the acorn along the way.  We can plant the acorn in soil.  Feed it the elixir of water.  Plant a barrier to keep the wind at bay in its youth.

Again, these acts can help the acorn to flourish, but a squirrel could come along and snatch it up for its long winter supper.  There are no guarantees.  There is the possibility for obstacles to cut the acorn’s life short.

There is always the promise, we have to live up to the promise.  Help nourish that promise along the way, and have faith that the roots will seep deep, and the branches will grow strong.

Remember the promise.



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