There is What You Know, and There is What You See

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

The Other Side of Akihabara 11-1


Akihabara has never been my favorite neighborhood in Tokyo, in fact, it is a neighborhood I only venture to when I need some specific camera or electronic goods.  When I am there I do like wandering a few blocks off the main Showa Avenue.

There hidden among the Maid Cafes and the stores that have plastic bins labeled “junk” are bits of a Tokyo that no longer exists.  It does exist.

I know that this is the neighborhood that draws geekism from all over the globe, but there nestled in little pockets is what “we” choose to see.  A potted tree, an old neighborhood sign, an office specializing in some obscurity.

I choose to see.


Limited Green in Akihabara, Electric Town

Sunday, January 15th, 2012

I needed to head into Akihabara to pick up a few things at Yodobashi Camera. One thing I have got to say is that any electrical goods store, can’t even be compared with the selection at Yodobashi Camera. And the customer service is outstanding. A big shout out to Uehara, who allowed me to charge my Ricoh battery so that I could keep shooting.

I am not to big on Akihabara. It attracts some of the craziest otaku (geeks) in all of Japan. Some of the backstreets are amazing. They are lined with tiny shops that sell just about anything that requires an electrical current. These little junk shops are amazing.

But, what I spied today was how little greenery there was in this part of town. All of the space had been gobbled up by the energy hungry shops and Donner Kebab fast food joints. There were a few oases of green here and there. Sometimes confined to small rows of potted plants in front of a store. Other’s were bound in on all sides by concrete and iron.

There among all the neon sings and concrete there was my green. There were the otaku are allowed to roam freely the green pops its head. FInd, the green I will. It reminds me of our delicate connection to nature.  I is the beginning of the Limited Green series.

Limited Green in Akihabara with Door anf_

Limited Green in Akihabara with AKB 48 and Tree

Limited Green in Akihabara with Plant

Rainy, Abstracted Monday

Monday, August 31st, 2009

The rain, or should I say typhoon weather has hit Tokyo.  It has been no stop raining

since last night.  I wanted to go out for a wander, but the weather says otherwise.  I guess

I will head out tomorrow.

In the meantime.  I am feeling unrealistic, I am feeling distracted, a bit abstracted.


Walking Residue

Vacant Reflection

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Staring into an empty storefront in Akihabara the other day, it brought back memories

of a project I had worked on 15 years ago.  I became obsessed with photographing empty

store fronts.  Building that are looking for tenants in the suburbs and environs of Tampa Florida..

My life had come full circle, and becoming interested with shop fronts that are abandoned and in need

of life.

Vacant Reflection

Hard Circuits in Akihabara

Friday, August 28th, 2009

The electronic center of the universe is Akihabara in Tokyo.

Anything relating to the field or pursuit of electronics will be found.

The culture is evolving, as new restaurants open up and it has become a dating


I love the grimy back alleys, and closet sized shops.  Hawking all sorts of pieces of wire, capacitors, fuses, motherboards… the list goes on.

Star of Akihabara

Parts of Parts

Parts of Parts II

Light of Lights

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