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Ginza is Back

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

People know of the bright lights of GInza.

The luxury brands, the department stores that sell what ever we are looking

for at a premium.  But that is not what these are about.  These are the back streets of Ginza.

The ones that becomes jammed with people in the afterhours.  I wandered the street in that strange

twilight hours.  As the workers were shuffling off to prepare their watering hole before the guests arrive.

Ginza Mailboxes

Pipe it Up !

Rusted Up View, Ginza

Ginza Textures

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

The day started off great.  I finished a long term project and sent it off, and to treat myself

i was going to head into Shibuya and walk around and take mad pics.  On the Tozai line into the

center of Tokyo, I went to turn on my Ricoh GRII to see what pics were on the camera.

Poof, nothing happened.  The power light went on, but the lens did not uncover itself.  HUH?

Turned it on and off, removed the battery, all the regular tricks.  Still zilch.  So I figure Ginza is on the

way, so I will get off and take it into the Ricoh Camera Service Center. Jumped off the train and tailed it

over to the center before they closed for lunch.  They said the camera would be ready by 3pm, so I luckily had packed my Contax T3 loaded with Black and White film.

Got back to the shop just before they closed, they had replaced the lens unit and the CCD for free.

Somehow the camera was still under warranty.  These pics are a test as I wandered around the backstreets of Ginza in the twilight hours.

Mirrored Alley, Ginza

Ba, Wall and Rust

T-Shirt, Ginza Style

Takaoka Window Self Reflection

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