Sunsets on the Big island

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

The time that we spent on the Big Island was breathtaking in its simple and complex beauty.  I was reminded how much i missed watching the sky drop from the skies in my native Florida.  Each night we stared off into the distant horizon and watched the liquid fireball meld into that horizontal line.


Coming from my current urban home of Tokyo, a spark of nature was ignited in my soul.  That need to be out in the natural un-urban world.  Jump in the salty oceans, climb down a rocky path, feel the misty air, all of these soothe and energize the soul.


Go out any find your own Sunsets on the Big Island, where ever they shall be.

Weedy Sunset

Multi Tree Sunset

Two Tree Sunset

Soulful Sunset

New Generation

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Little Tobias entered the world the past Sunday.  A new generation, a new extended family.


It is all GOOD.

It is all BEAUTIFUL.

It is all LOVE.


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