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Feminine Camouflage the Pink and Purple of it

Monday, May 17th, 2010

I was intrigued by the distinctly feminine aspect of this political poster.  It was covered with pink, purple and lavender patches of camouflage.  I guess it might be from the the Woman’s Party here in Japan.  Trying to reach out to their base.

Abstracted, removed from it’s context. By inverting the viewer’s view on the sign’s designed to get the people to vote for a political candidate, I hope to inspire beauty in their political constructs, and construct a new world based on beauty and love.  These might seem like lofty goals, but we as one people must strive together for a better world.  We must not let the ugliness impede our lofty goals of creating more beauty.

Seek it out, find that beauty that is out there.  Do not let the mass media tell you how terrible the world is.  Go out there and find the goodness in the world.

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