Geometrical Wabi Sabi at Red Square Gallery

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

My friend, Brancolina, over at the Red Square Gallery has curated a collection of my Geometrical Wabi Sabi images. Red Square Gallery specializes in curating shows around the theme of photographing architecture. I am honored to be a part of this collection.  In addition to the images there is a short interview where I go into some of the theories behind the images.

I invite you all to come on by.

the link to the gallery is below.

jacob schere: geometrical wabi sabi

Also please browse through the other collections at Red Square Gallery

there is also the Flickr Group Red Sqaure Gallery

And lastly, please take a browse through Brancolina’s Flickr Stream

2Shirts, Squares and Rectangles

2Shirts, Squares and Rectangles


“No Fresher Possible” by John Walford

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

John Walford has blessed me with some beautiful words as inspired by one of my images of flowers.  He has got a beautiful gift for the words that he selects in harmony with the image.  I cannot thank him enough for the kind words, and the time he takes out of his life to livicate these words for me.

Check out his works on his website Only Connect for more interesting postings.

“No Fresher Possible”

So lusiously, luminously fresh,
So well placed within the frame,
Such sensitive seeing – no less –
Ensures Jacob Schere his fame!
— JW, June 26, 2011
Also blogged @ , as post for June 26, 2011.

Six Points in the School Yard

Sneak Peak From Y Sin Embargo Magazine #21

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Coming soon from the design minded peeps of Y Sin Embargo Magazine.

More images to come.

Those featured on the blog are part of the process I used to edit the series for the

publication in addition to some text.

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