Broken Windows, 1992, Redux 2012

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Broken Windows, NYC, 1992, Book Cover 2012

This summer was the 20th anniversary of hurricane Andrew slamming into my home of Miami, Florida.  When I wanted to write a piece about the hurricane’s aftermath I led me to open up an old portfolio of mine.  Looking at some of my old hand printed images got me thinking about some of my past projects I completed in my early 20s.  The first one that came to mind was the project Broken Windows.

Broken Windows is a collection of work that I completed in 1992.  All of the photographs were taken using a single use panoramic camera (disposable camera) that had been reloaded and taped up with black gaffers tape.  All of the 35mm images were developed and printed in a wet darkroom.  I took all the images that I had printed and composed a book.  It was limited to an edition 35, and was compiled and printed at my local Kinkos.  At the time that was the only way that was feasible to be able to print, and distribute.  I had always wanted to print a higher quality book, but that was just out of my means at the time.

As we jump forward to 2012, I thought that it was important to revisit this work.  I wanted to understand the photographer that I was in order to navigate the artist I am becoming.  I found my original prints from 1992 and scanned them into my computer.  Thanks to the wonders of Blurb, I was able to print a book that showed the details within each photograph.

the ebook can be downloaded for free from Blurb, Broken Windows ebook

to purchase a book for your library you can follow this link to the Broken Windows on Blurb.

A Meeting of the Ghost Buffalo Shirts, at the Pink Cow

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

A Meeting of the Ghost Buffalo Shirts was an event I attended on Friday night.  It was a gathering of the tribes of different methods of artistic expression.  We had Frank Spignese reading some painful, and alternatively hilarious poetry.  Samm Bennett performing with mouth harps, homemade guitars, and a foot box hooked up to a mic.  Also was the energetic vibrating Marcellus Neally who flowed with a group of musicians on stage at the Pink Cow.  Also there was Taylor Mingon reading some passages from his upcoming new book of poems.  All in all it was heights event, people dug the vibe, and could just cool out away from the hustle of Shibuya in a quiet corner filled with word, sound and power.

I will surely head out to the next Meeting of the Ghost Buffalo Shirts

Frank Spignese Reading His Poem

Frank Spignese, Closing it Out with One More Poem

Book of Poems

Marcellus Neally, Word Sound Power

Taylor Mingnon, Poet

Samm Bennet and the Spaghetti Cords

Samm Bennet on Triangular Guitar

Samm Bennet on Homemade Box Guitar

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