Jacob Schere’s Bottlebrush Memories

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

Blooming Bottlebrush trees always reminds me of my youth growing up in Miami.  The blossoms would come out and a green tree suddenly becomes red.  That yellow pollen that are on the individual needle points would just get everywhere, but it didn’t matter we loved the ones that were at our houses, and on our streets.

Today I saw one on my way home.  I remember seeing it last year too.  I actually got too close to it last year trying to get a macro photograph that I got yellow pollen on my lens.  This year, I got close.  Not close enough to touch the pollen, but close enough to reveal a bit of the inner beauty of the Bottlebrush tree.

Such an unusual flower.  Nature is truly full of wonder.  I am amazed by the variety and the ability for nature to thrive.

These are just Jacob Schere’s Bottlebrush memories.

Bottlebrush Bustle

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