Bugging Out in the Afternoon

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Insecting Out in the Afternoon


The rainy season comes and goes.  Listening to the weather report is about as accurate if I was on TV making the weather predictions.  They say it will rain and it doesn’t.  The next forecast is for sunny skies and as I can hear the window being pelted with strong rain and wind.

It was yesterday in a break in the rain with some gray clouds overhead that I spotted this wonder from the insect kingdom.  He had lovely zebra striping with antenna that were as large as it’s entire body.  I had never seen one like this before.  He had no fear as I was able to get my lens so close that the antenna actually brushed my fingers.

I just never know what one day will bring.  I spent so much time in Japan, and still little surprises are there for me.  It was a nice end, to be able to bug out in the afternoon with this guy.


Thanks to my friend Tomo, I now know the name of this wonder: Citrus long-horned beetle, ゴマダラカミキリ



Purple Synergy

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

I went to my public health screening yesterday.  I am thankful that at least one thing the Japanese government has gotten right.  It provides access to health care to all.  However, the air was so stale inside the auditorium it gave me a blistering headache.  Once I finished the screening and stepped back into the fresh air, I felt refreshed, but the headache still persisted.

I took a slow bike ride back home, even through the headache, this purple just spoke to me.  Looking at it made me feel a bit better, I was only able to snap a quick picture, and kept on peddling.

Thinking about how we need to be apart of our surroundings.  We need to participate in our community as best we can.  Learn to live in some harmony.  Seek out the colors that make each community unique.

Violet Veins Synergy

A Ladybug in My Garden

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

This is just where I want to be.  It would be fresh to chill in my little urban garden and eat my fill of all the little bugs that get in the way of my gardener’s plants.

Today actually started off badly.  I forgot my camera.  I know, I know, it is just about unthinkable.  I hadn’t left my camera behind in more than a year.  I contemplated returning to my home to snatch it up, but that would have put me mad behind schedule on shabbat.  So I decided to just roll with it.

Once I got to where I was going, about 2 hours later, we were all reminded that the earth is a living and breathing organism, with a aftershock that made me jump out of my chair.  It hit rather hard and fast.

On my way home, I kept on pondering on what I was going to hook up for the shabbat dinner, and I settled on a mushroom quiche, and some mustard marinaded new potatoes.

I was a bit exhausted from my travels, so as the clouds rolled in I just sat in my little garden, with my kitties looking up at the sky.  That was when I noticed the ladybug.  I realized that they had all emerged from their cocoons and were crawling all over my grapefruit, pomegranite and lemon tree.  These guys, and gals are great.  They just much up all the aphids in the garden.  So I decided to grab my camera, and get shots of them.

Remember the Father’s little creatures too.  They are as important to our lives as any animal.

Have a beautiful and restful sabbath.

Ladybug in My Garden

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