The Season’s Wheel is Spinning

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

This just in!  After much anxiety in my own mind I was pleasantly surprised to come across some of my first true autumn leaves today.  There is a lovely old buddhist temple in Konodai Chiba that is home to a very old weeping cherry blossom tree.  In the spring time it is a favorite spot for photographers and families come and take in the splendor of the waterfall of cherry blossoms.  Now we fast forward from spring to autumn and the same beautiful tree is starting to express itself with a display of earthen oranges and reds.

I was so elated to see the cherry blossom tree teasing me with bringing forth such beautiful colors.  The location of this magnificent tree must have been protected from the punishing typhoon winds of two weeks ago.  In reality, only one part of the tree has started to change its colors.  I look forward next week to see the colors engulf the tree in fiery reds.

I thought back to the unnerving anxiety when I last enjoyed the tree in April.  It was only a few weeks after the March 11th earthquake and tsunami disaster.  Most Tokyo dwellers were quietly observing the cherry blossom. So many Japanese had lost their lives just a few weeks before.  Most people felt it was too soon to celebrate.  However, my feeling was somewhere in the middle.  My heart felt that we needed to mourn those lost, and at the same time we needed to come together as a community and use the beauty of the changing seasons to focus our energies.  We needed to lend a helping hand to each other.  We needed to sit under a tree with our friends and family and engage in some heartfelt communication.

Where are we as a community now?  Has Japan come together to lend those helping hands to each other?  Have those conversations that started in spring continued into autumn?  I do not have the answers to these questions.  I can only offer up my hope and appreciation of the Japanese people to come together and change their country for the better.  I am just a humble outsider who loves his adoptive home.

Let the changing of seasons remind us of those that lost their lives.  Those brave souls that risked their lives to help others.  If we haven’t renewed our own personal commitment to leading a fruitful life it past time to begin.

Take stock in our surroundings.  Notice that leaf that yesterday was green yet today it has begun to shift into red.  Say hello to your neighbors.  Smile at the children on the train.  If we don’t the world will just spin on by.

Ruffled Cherry Blossom Autumn Leaf

Holy Cherry Blossom Autumn Leaf

Spring is the Time for Change

Friday, April 8th, 2011

I have been going through a lot over the last several weeks, as I am sure many of my fellow expats and Japanese have been going through with the after effects of the earthquake, tsunami and the ongoing nuclear situation.  I have been reasoning deeply with myself what is my position in all of this.  What should my reaction as a human and an artist should be?

I have been in this situation shortly after 9/11 in NYC.  My images I was creating were so overwhelmingly negative that it was beginning to make me ill.  But, I knew I had to capture these raw emotions in order to start the healing process within myself.  I find myself in a similar situation now; however, I do have 10 years experience since NYC.

And I have decided that the side that I must show is the positive.  I need to balance those sides in my artistic creations.  There is so much evil in the world, and the media over covers that so much that it makes me sick to my stomach.  I want to, I need to create work that is positive, showing the hope and the beauty in the world.

Spring is springing here.  The passover is coming.  A time to renew my relationship with the creator.  As a jew it is important to renew the self.  I see the flowers blooming.  I see the new recruits in their crisp justly bought suits.  These are the seeds of change that the world needs in a sea of despair.

Seek out the light.  Put your faith in higher places.  Do not let the hype paralyze you from action. Set this spring as a chance to renew yourself, and create the world that we all want to live in.

Much respect to double you from flickr for seeing the change in my images before I even could consciously.

Stop and smell life.

peace and much love from Tokyo, Japan.

Flower Stars, Edging of Hope

Time for a Change, Seasons, Life, the Earth

Pink Beauties and Asphalt, Tokyo

Studying Ability

Windy Strewn Cherry Blossoms

Ybor City, Change, or Not Change?

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Tampa was the city of my college years.  It is where I met friends that became family, and some that still are family today.  Others, have faded into the memories of those days.

I was fortunate to travel up to Tampa with my best mate Jerry, his father Cliff and Cliff’s wife Doris from Miami.  We were on a mission to go to Bern’s Steakhouse.  But for me it was a chance to see the some streets and fragments of memories from those South Florida days.

We had a bit of time before our reservation, so we headed down to Ybor City to see if there would be anything that I would remember.  We used to head to Ybor to  hit one of the only live venues where once upon a time I saw the Lemonheads.

Walking up and down the main street, I thought I had stepped off in another world more akin with South Beach than anything I’d remembered from Tampa.  The street was now lined with venues, clubs and cigar shacks.  The cigars  I do remember, but these were new, clean, and with lots of neon signs.

Like most places, when I was in school, the early 90’s were not the best of times.  Stores were shuttered across south Florida after the excessive building of the 80’s.  Now those times have come again.  There also were dusty closed store fronts in this new hip neighborhood.  That was the Tampa I remember.  Dusty store fronts with a FOR RENT sign duct taped to the window.  I did catch a glimpse of that down on Seventh Avenue.  The gray cinder blocks with the bright blue sky overhead.

I really want to thank Cliff and Doris for spiriting us away to Tampa.

La Uetramar Jewelers, Ybor City Tampa

Deks Tag, Ybor City Tampa

Brian and the Manequin, Ybor City Tampa

The New Ybor, Ybor City Tampa

Release Fear, Ybor City Tampa

Floating Good Times, Ybor City Tampa

Circular For Rent, Ybor City Tampa

Welcome Sale, Ybor City Tampa

Reversed Frame, Ybor City Tampa

The State of It All

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

The rain returned with a vengeance today.  The temp dropped, there was not chance to take out the camera, so I went thought some pics from the other day.  This once image I had snapped from a macro on a sign kind of hit me in a funny spot.  STATE, with all the decay, mildew, and mold growing on it.  Made me stop for a moment, and take stock.  Not so much for the way the it all is, but the way it all SHOULD be.  Therefore let us not worry, go out into the world and be the change that we want it to be.

The State of It

Tilting with Lost Scarf

Enter the Spot

The Difference Between Yesterday and Today

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Yesterday I felt like this.

Crumpled Hope


Today I saw this ( I don’t feel like it, but at least I was fortunate to see it )

Double Rainbow over Kasai

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