clear skies

Miami My Sky

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Thinking about the city of my birth Miami.

Blue Skies,

Blue Oceans


Miami My Sky

Sunday, Here in the Park, I think it was 15th of November

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

This Sunday was beyond gorgeous.  The air was dry,and the breeze was coo.  I could sit in a t-shirt and

not be cold.  The weather these past few days in Tokyo has been completely schizophrenic.  Cold, and rainy

followed by hot, and muggy, followed by weather that we should be having in late spring.  Like I usually

say, I shouldn’t complain, because it will be bloody cold before we know it.

After getting some things done in the house, I grabbed my camera, and hopped on my bike

to see what is to be seen in the park.  The park was rumbling with smiling faces, all enjoying

the fab weather, like myself.

Soak it all in.  Let that vitamin D come on inside and warm your heart.

Family Play

Red Autumn

Wall of Weeds

My Own Private Landscape

Sun Spots in the Park

Clear, Clearer, and Muddled

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

After a torrential down pour yesterday, the skies opened up to reveal the most beautiful cloudless skies over the Kanto region today.  The blue was deep, clean and a shinning snow capped Mount Fuji could be seen on my way today.  As I strolled breathing in the clean crisp air, I kept my eyes in the sky, until I came across the plethora of shoe horns hanging in a window store front in Ichikawa

May we all be blessed with beautiful weather, before the it turns nasty and cold.  Amen.



Shoe Horns Galore

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