Last Scoop and the Long Line Up

Friday, April 26th, 2013

Last Scoop, Shin Urayasu


The Japanese do love a long line up or queue as my British friends would say.  The Japanese will line up for whatever time it takes to get a bowl of ramen, or in this case that last creamy scoop of ice cream.  Yesterday, April 25, 2013 the last HäagenDazs scoop shop in Shin Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture would forever close its doors by 9 p.m. local Tokyo time.  The line was seriously ridiculous as it stretched out the department store around past the Vie De France bakery and all the way down to the dry cleaners.  I guess everyone wanted that last scoop even if it was a cold and slightly dreary afternoon.

There was a time when HäagenDazs scoop shops occupied the poshest of neighborhoods across the land, but those days are long behind.  New brands have opened their doors and just the economy itself isn’t what it used to be.  I guess people here don’t really want to go out for a scoop, they rather just drop in at their local supermarket and bring home a pint.

Sayonara HäagenDazs! It was good till it all melted away.

Nine Years on The Confrontation Continues

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

There has been a distance of nine years since the Twin Towers in New York City came crashing to the ground, splitting the the American soul in two.  I journeyed to New York city in November of 2001 to attend the unveiling of my grandmothers headstone.  With camera in hand, I wandered the street, shooting, taking in the red white and the horror.  I saw the best and the worst of America on the island of Manhattan.

As the distance between the actual event and the memory of the event grow farther apart, how will America and the world remember it?  WIll it be one of hate and fear, or one of tolerance and compassion.  My fellow brothers and sisters of different faiths and cultures think about this day I pray that people choose to see what connects humanity together rather than what separates us.

Take this time to reflect on how we all must fit into this world.

Therefore, In my open letter to the city that calls me one of her own, don’t close your doors and your hearts.

Don't Close, 2001 New York


Up and Back on a Friday

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Stepping back and letting the surroundings soak it up in the lens.  Then there are the times I want to step forward and get so close that nothing else is to be seen.  The combination of the two is a perfect expression for me.

So, sit back and enjoy.  Step forward and look deeply. How ever you choose to look, let those visions fill your vision.

Piped at the Train Office

Roof of It

Hooked on Fences

Hooked on Fences

Nishi Funabashi, Up Close

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Took an alternative route home the other day, by wandering some of the streets around Nishi Funabashi. Nishi Funbashi has a little red light district and lots of storefronts that are disintegrating before my very lens. I will surely wander around the station in the near future.

Little Square Window

Hot Roasted Chestnuts

Kanji with Tape

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