dj honda and Terumasa Hino Mini Live at T-site in Daikanyama

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Terumasa Hino and Dj Honda , H-Factor


I was in good graces to be invited out to catch the two most legendary “H” performers in Japan.  The jazz trailblazer Terumasa Hino, and the world renown hip hop dj honda.

Dj Honda has been putting out beats and working with an international cadre of performers since the early 90s.  Terumasa’s has been blowing the horn since the 60s.  In the wake of the 311 triple disaster the two teamed up along with Hino’s son Jino on bass to form h-factor.

The sound is where urban cuts meet the smooth and free flowing blasts of Hino’s trumpet.  They are on a tour to promote the new album Unity which can be downloaded from itunes.

The house was packed in the trendy upscale music and bookstore T-site.  The audience all had numbers and they packed the little space even though it was pouring outside.  It was dj honda on turntables and beats, Terumasa on trumpet (he also rocked some maracas, drums and cowbell.)

I was fulljoyed that Hino pulled out a shell horn to blow on for my favorite Okinawian flavored track Funakura.  They only played a short 40 minute set of three songs the other two were also off the album including the title track Unity and Never Forget 311, commemorating the triple disasters of March 11, 2011.

After the show I asked dj honda what was up next for him.  He told me that for him it is everyday in the studio making beats and a tour in Japan.  Later in the year he will make a trip to the US.

It was a great night out with great music, and good peeps!

Big time shout outs to dj honda, Hino, Jino, Gemba, and Mance


Dj Honda with Turntables and Mixer, H-Factor



Dj Honda's Custom Vinyl Pads, H-factor





Terumasa Hino with Shell Horn, H-Factor



Terumasa Hino's Custom Trumpet Mouthpiece, H-factor

Steel Pulse with my Brothers

Saturday, March 27th, 2010

I was fortunate that my brother Brimstone127 got hooked up with four tickets to Steel Pulse.  For those of you who don’t know they are one of my all time favorite reggae groups out of the UK.  Just seeing Steel Pulse would have been heights in and of its self, but I was blessed to be able to enjoy the vibrations with my close brothers, Abraham, Jaime and Brimstone127.

After the show and the drive down back to Miami we stopped off for some much needed nourishment at a late night pizza shop off 27th street, for last minute prayers, pizza and brotherhood.

The memories of the chakka chakka guitars and being with my bothers will stay in my heart, always.  Thanks to all who came out and added to the positive vibes that swirled around Revolution.

Ticket to Vibrations, Steel Pulse

The Brothers, Abraham, Jaime, Brimstone127

Chant a Psalm a Day, Steel Pulse

Steel Pulse in Blue

The End of a Evening of the Heights

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