Geometrical Wabi Sabi at Red Square Gallery

Saturday, November 5th, 2011

My friend, Brancolina, over at the Red Square Gallery has curated a collection of my Geometrical Wabi Sabi images. Red Square Gallery specializes in curating shows around the theme of photographing architecture. I am honored to be a part of this collection.  In addition to the images there is a short interview where I go into some of the theories behind the images.

I invite you all to come on by.

the link to the gallery is below.

jacob schere: geometrical wabi sabi

Also please browse through the other collections at Red Square Gallery

there is also the Flickr Group Red Sqaure Gallery

And lastly, please take a browse through Brancolina’s Flickr Stream

2Shirts, Squares and Rectangles

2Shirts, Squares and Rectangles


Y Sin Embargo Curated Show on ****Contrasted Gallery

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

I am fortunate to know Fernando Prats of Y SIN EMBARGO magazine for a few years now.  He was one of the first curators I had met by way of online networking that liked my photography and my work debuted in Y SIN EMBARGO magazine 4 years ago in March 2007.  My work has appeared in several issues, and I support the world wide movement that Y Sin Embargo has created for the world.

Please take some time to check out the curated work, and see some of the great work, by my friends from all over the world.

Ver la muestra en pantalla completa / Watch it, please: YSExhibition slideshow


fernandoprats “Leonie Polah” “Oriol Espinal” “dou_ble_you” Azurebumble Kozology “Françoise Lucas” “Wilma Eras” “Manuel Diumenjó” “jef safi” “Alicia Pallas” Brancolina “Zep Wernbacher” “Simon Fröehlich” “Augusto Rosa” “Bill Horne” “Thomas Hagström” “Jacob Schere” “Lawrence Roberts” “Natalia Osiatynska” “Lisa Kehoe” “Susan Wolff” htakat “Sabine Portela” “Gabriel Magri” “Olivier Gilet” Ezook “Alain Vaisierre” “Rosa Delia Guerrero” Mensaka “Julian Gomez” “Jose Javier” “Lucky Clov” “Ron Herrema” “Mara Carrion” “R Galan” Yanomano “Nacho Piedrola” “Barbara Stumm” “Jurek Durczak” “dba lehane” “Patricia Gil” “Doris Stritcher” “Yves Moreaux” “Inga Melnikova” “Teng Tan” “Alba Escayo” “Louise Mann” “Francisco Neto” “Thomas Zicola” “Victor Obrist” JPCandelier “Nigel Christian” lonah “Mark Valentine” “Enric Leor” “Sam Javanrouh” Boris. battles and “Mucha Paciencia”.

A hard selection of some YSEfots published at Y SIN EMBARGO magazine in a unique event. Curated by fernandoprats for the benefit of ****contrasted gallery

Y Sin Embargo Magazine #21 Page 01

Brancolina: Rocking the Lucid Communication’s Urban Haiku

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

I must give the biggest respect shout out to Brancolina.  She has put together a curation of some of my geometrical images and titled them Urban Haiku.  If you haven’t already go out and check out her blog at Brancolina. You can also peep out Brancolina’s Flickr Stream.

All always inspiring images on Antwerp to be found on her site.  And the musing of a creative mind.

The Door Knows it is Summer

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