Indian Culture Day in Urayasu

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Tabla and Indian Harmonium

On Saturday the intercultural group UFRA (Urayasu Foreign Resident’s Association) organized an event to celebrate the 60th year anniversary of relations between India and Japan.  The event included a short presentation on some of the cultural awareness concerning India by Dr. Rabinder Malik, Odissi a form of classical Indian Dance by Sachiko Ito and a tabla drum explanation and performance by Dr. Sudarshan Ram.

The sounds of India echoed though out the hall as many of the audience members became as entranced as I was listening to the rhythms of ancient Indian culture.  The dance by Sachiko Ito captivated many of the young members of the audience as they leaned on their elbows and watched every swish of the hips and clinking of her chained outfit.

Dr. Sudarshan Ram gave an interesting and humorous explanation on the tabla Indian drum.  He followed it up by giving a tabla solo that was accompanied by one of his Japanese students on the Indian harmonium.  Dr. Ram is a music teacher at the Indian Cultural Center in Tokyo.

I really enjoyed the dance and the music. I wish the program had allowed for more music because just as I was really getting into the music the time was up on us.

A big shout out to Meme Ise the new chairperson of UFRA, Sawmi the co-vice chair, and Patrizia the other co-chair.  It was a great event to start of the new UFRA in a very positive direction.

If you are interested in learning more about UFRA please join our Facebook page.  Even if you don’t live in Urayasu we welcome foreigners from all over Japan, and Japanese that are interested in intercultural exchanges.

Classical Indian Odissi Dance Dip Pose


Classical Indian Odissi Dance Steps


Classical Indian Odissi Dance Dip

Sunflower Shadow Dance

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

The sun played a game of hide and seek with the clouds today.  The bright sun shone down upon the earth for a while, then darted behind the clouds as if it were a shy Japanese child.  The temperatures were on the cooler side today. A sign that this long summer is going through a transition.  According to the Japanese way of counting the seasons we have already moved into autumn.

This sunflower was deciding whether or not to bloom.  It felt as if it were holding something back.  Could it be aware that the long days have shortened, and that the leaves will soon be turning into autumn hues?

I don’t know.  But I sure enjoyed watching the dance.

Sunflower Dancing in the Shadows

Popmaster Fabel and the History of Dance in Hip Hop Culture

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Coral Springs on a cool Saturday night in Coral Springs Miami was the place to get in touch with some of the roots of Hip Hop Culture with Spanish Harlem native PopMaster Fabel.  The room at Catalyst was packed with hip hop heads, the Miami Chapter of Zulu Nation, and youth of all ages as PopMaster Fabel took the stage and engaged the crowd in a historical roots of Hip Hop dance.

It was a great to learn about the roots of Hip Hop culture and see the Miami community come out and welcome PopMaster Fabel with open arms.

Big shout outs to

Brimstone127 (PATH creator, and spinning some joints)

Joel at Catalyst  (for providing the space and lots of  love)

Laguardia (with his MC wit)

Sekajipo (holding down MC duties)

Zulu Nation (for rolling out with family)

Natty  (for hooking up the eats)

Speedy Leggs  (giving a loving introduction)

as usual lots of pics shot so this is just a quick taste.

More to Come

Popmaster Fabel Lecture 01

Popmaster Fabel Spinning Some Joints

Popmaster Fabel Lecture Some Gratitude

Popmaster Fabel Lecture A little Something Something

Popmaster Fabel a Little Something PartII

Popmaster Fabel with Path To Life Crew, Brimstone127, Natta, LaGuardia and Sekajipo

the shot that almost ended my camera’s career

Monday, April 6th, 2009

This b-girl, PrettySick,  could really kick it at the Hot Wheels Jam down in Miami.  She literally almost kicked my camera out of my hands.  If it wasn’t for my brother Brimstone127, that would have been all she wrote for my SLR.  But the image is worth it.  Big ups to the Street Master Crew and PrettySick!


B-Girl, Miami 2009

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