Going to Seed

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Seeding on the Bridge Up

The heat rose and in the late afternoon the winds came.  Winds swept across the road as I was walking back from the station to my house.  This dandelion that had gone to seed caught my eye.

The wind was pushing it this and that way but it didn’t let go of its sees.  It just bent in the wind and held onto it’s offspring.  People kept coming and going over the pedestrian bridge.  I was squatting there watching the dandelion dance.

So delicate, yet so strong.

Blowing in the wind, without letting go.

Just Dandelions but I like ’em!

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

White Lion Dandelion  白タンポポ

This is the season for the lovely dandelion.  For many the dandelion in only a nuisance in the form of a yellow flowering weed, but that is not how I think of them.  They are lovely flowers that make their life so close to the earth.

They make their appearance in spring as yellow mane heads pop forth across the Japanese landscape.  The pop up wherever their seeds floated in from the previous year.  They wiggle their way into cracks in the pavement, and along the railroad tracks that criss cross the countryside.  They sprout proudly and before we know they under a metamorphosis and become balls of seeded fluff.  All ready to spread forth across the land.

They are always yellow or that is at least I thought until I came across something different.  Nestled in between a stone fence at a shrine I came across the elusive White Dandelion of Chiba Prefecture.  It was large and bold in the cloudy early afternoon light.  I never know if I will see another White Dandelion, I hope I do.  I will keep my lens open to see whatever chooses to cross in front of my focal plane.

Just Dandelion  タンポポ

Dandelion Redux

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

The weather is still in a state of an ever changing mind.  Today is gorgeous out.  The sun is rising high the temperatures are too.  I can sit comfortably on my patio as I write this blog.  All in all it a beautiful day to be resting in Tokyo.

Yesterday the light and the skies were as beautiful.  And all the weather patterns continue to have the plants confused.  I saw this dandelion in full bloom yesterday.  I was a bit surprised since the last time I saw them was back in July.  But who knows?  This crazy weather coupled with the typhoon that roared through 6 weeks ago and nature is dealing with those changes the best they can.

Mentioning change, there will be some upcoming changes to the postings here at Lucid Communication.  I won’t go into detail at the moment, but stay posted and I hope you all will follow and become intrigued by the changes.

Peace from the sunnyside of life!

Dandelion Redux (タンポポ)

Pitstops on the Riverside

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

I have committed myself to cycling as often as I can.  Lets just say it is about time for me to be more active as the years roll by. I been cycling pretty hard and fast with no time to take pictures, but today on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I grabbed my Ricoh as I headed out the door.

The river emptying into Tokyo Bay looked like chocolate milk after yesterdays downpour.  I stopped a few times for some clicks, but I didn’t take that much.  Hopefully more time will come up in August as I get the chance to roam around Tokyo a click away to my hearts content.

Bowing Dandelion

Violet Floats on Sea of Green

Only a Puff of Wind

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

It has been a bit of an emotional week.  From feelings of complete numbness to the loss of family that just tugged at my soul.

For over a month now I have been photographing, almost exclusively, flora and fauna.  I am just transfixed by their ability to thrive, while I and my neighbors have to deal with the everyday stress of just being.  I am thankful for their constant reminder of the beauty and the determination of nature.

Dandelions, a simple beautiful flower to some and just a weed to others.  They are edible and can be eaten as a salad.  After the flowers come and the petals fall all that is left is a little fluff of seeds.  The seeds just wait for a puff of wind to send the seeds out to the world.  To find some crack, soil, or potted plant to grow into next seasons dandelions.  Such a simple mechanism to maintain the dandelions.

I am hopeful that fore seeds of faith, and love will spread out into the world.  The seeds can take root in some of the most obscure places.  Will these thoughts and images of mine find some where to take root.  Will people see the seeds, and make the choice to give them some nutrients and help them grow?

I can only hope so.

Speed those seeds.

From Bud to Just a Puff

Lots of Yellow on a Friday Afternoon

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

The skies were overcast and the winds were blowing out in the somewhat countryside of Narashino, Chiba.  The pollen was flowing as freely as the the cherry blossom petals drifted though the air.  As I walked along the road with rows of vegetables to my right I was overcome with the flowers.  There were yellow buds all over.  They were on the trees, on weeds, and ever so low to the ground.

Yellow is color that has never really appealed to me.  I have always gravitated to the cooler hues of blues, purples, and greens.  However, on this day, I was so drawn in to yellow.  From the weedy dandelions that were having a picnic on a hill to a tree that was full of yellow blooms so bright that they glowed under the overcast skies.

After being back in Japan for nearly one month, I just can’t help myself to enough flowers.  To celebrate this beautiful world even down to the overlooked weeds.

So today, on this rainy, cloudy Saturday I livicate this blog to the wonderful hue of yellow.

Yellow Blossom Mimomi

Yellow Weed Bush with Tracks

Mini Ones next to the Tracks

Dandelion Spring Party on a Hill with One that Has Gone to Seed

It Only Takes One

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

One seed planted in rich earth is all it takes.  The roots grow into the soil, seeking out nutrients.  Raising up its hands to the shining sun.  Time will tell, and Babylon’s concrete trap will all come falling down.  Go out, plant, reap, and sow a beautiful future for all.

Only Takes One

Budding Ones (Version White)

Budding Ones (Version Violet)

Flower beats Rust

Monday, November 16th, 2009

The power of the nature to fight back is lovely to witness, in

this metropolis called Tokyo.

Fight the Power that be, with flowers

Lone Dandelion

Into Rusted Morphologly

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