Bridge to My Dreams: Ichikawa Style

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Bridge to My Dreams: Ichikawa Style

Once upon a time a young man had many dreams.

Visions filled his head of brides, paths, towering heights over vast expanses of water.

Was it Key West?

Was it the San Francisco Bay Area?

Or was it Myoden in Ichikawa?

The young man thought he knew the answer, but he does not know.

He only knows that a young man once dreamt of bridges stretching to the horizon.

The young man dreams.

The middle aged man remembers the dreams.

The old man collages the dreams and reality.


Bridge to My Dreams: Ichikawa Style.

Dreaming of Zion while Exiled in Babylon (Christmas in Japan)

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

I try to keep these writings as positive as possible because to live negatively just induces more stress.  However, there are some issues that I need to address in this post.  I hope you will indulge me for a moment.  There is a madness to my method.  I promise.

These are some crazy times we are all living in.  Sometimes I feel like I have been hauled away in captivity to Babylon.  I am truly a stranger in a strange land.  I am surrounded by the ultra consumerism of Christmas in Japan.  It is so devoid of any real emotion that it makes me feel ill.  I have no problem with people wanting to celebrate a holiday, but here it makes absolutely no sense.  I ride the trains and women clutch bags of presents, with brightly colored packaging.  The shelves are lined with the Christmas boots that parents will give their children on Christmas day.  I am at a moment where I don’t think I can take it any longer.

I have tried to address the issue with fellow Japanese how strange it is to celebrate a holiday that you know just about nothing about.  I have compared it to how would the Japanese feel if Americans suddenly adopted the Obon holiday because it looked cool.  And most cannot make the connection that by doing so is ultimately strange.

Growing up Jewish in America was always strange around this time of year, but here in Japan it ups that emotional to a whole other level that can only be expressed in the images that I have selected to accompany today’s blog posting.  It is assumed by most I encounter that I am Christian, and that I celebrate Christmas.  I have to school people I come in contact with that NOT all Americans are Christians, and not all Americans celebrate Christmas (even if you might be Christian).  This is difficult for many to comprehend.

That is why today’s post is titled, Dreaming of Zion, While Exiled in Babylon.

I hope you forgive me for going off a little bit today, but I do feel so much better for doing so.

I do not mean to offend anyone by this, I am just expressing some bottled up emotions in a positive and constructive manner.  I levitate this post to all Jews, Christians, and Muslims trying to make sense of this time of year in Japan. Peace to all!

Dwelling 02 (Dreaming of Zion)

Dwelling 02 (Dreaming of Zion)

Dwelling 01 (Exiled in Babylon)

Dwelling 01 (Exiled in Babylon)

Shedding Violet Tears

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

The lack of sleep is catching up with me.  The wandering back to the station seemed like a dream.  I was jut floating on snow the road, being pulled this way of that way by something that caught my eye.  I am not sure the path I took, but i do know that it was the right path for today because I came upon this tree that was shedding violet tears.

Those patches of colors fell from a small street side shrine in Ichikawa.  Violet teardrops on the cold cement side of the road.  There they were just lining up to catch my dream state that I was in.  I just lost myself in the violet bokeh softness as I wandered back to the station.

Shedding those violet tears again.  For a autumn that was too short?  For a winter that will be too long?  I do not know, but there are these purple drops to comfort me in my waking dream.

Shedding Violet Tears

Awakening Dream in Ichikawa

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Im a bit under the weather with all the yo-yo like temperatures we have been having in Tokyo. I guess my body fought the germs off for as long as it could.

Therefore, I will keep this posting short. Walking back to the station took a lot longer than usual, and seemed like a dream. I noticed this Bird of Paradise communicating with its soba shop noren (a Japanese entryway curtain).

I feel like a haiku.

flower talking blue
lucidly communicating
awakening dream

Birds of Paradise and Soba Shop Noren

Truth in a Shade of Blue

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

As I was walking through a buddhist temple on my way back to the train, my eyes drifted to the roof of the temple.  My eyes kept on wandering over the roof until I encountered a sky so blue that I thought that I might be dreaming.  The sky was an amazing shade of blue.  Like those caribbean seas I swam in down in Jamaica.  The sky was painted this hue.  And across that sea of blue were rows of white clouds.  They had been pulled by the wind and stretched into long rows like that of planted garden.  It was an amazing to just be still and look up into the sky.

It was a surreal moment.  Was I really there?  Was it just a fragment of dream that surfaced in my waking hours?  Does it matter if it was?

I do not have the answers.  All I know is that there was truth in that shade of blue.  A truth that touched my soul.

Chiba, Ichikawa, Japan October Sky

October Firecrackers

Red Fruition

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Sometimes it is about putting in the time.  We make investment in ourselves, family, and societies.  We pour our blood into projects that we care about.  We spend countless hours in the hopes of achieving our goals.  Sometimes we set them too high, others too low.  We take chances, or we play it safe.  In the end we can say at least we tried.

I like to think back on what I learned from Yoda as he was instructing Luke in the ways of the force, “Don’t try! Do!”  It is easy to say.  It just rolls off the lips and out into the world. Again, it takes putting that vibration into practice. Making it routine. Making it part of our lives.  Eventually a tree planted, and cared for will bring forth fruit in its due season.

The heat of summer is fading.  The battered leaves are falling, some are changing colors that survived the typhoon.  The red firecrackers are making their last bloom, and fruit is hanging from some trees.

Put in the work.  Work on your dreams.  Squeeze the obstacles that block your path into juice.  Bring forth that red fruition.

Red Fruition

Autumn Firecrackers

Imperfection Perfected with Hawaiian Color Dreams

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

More often than not things never quite go as planned.  I might have the most perfect idea in my cranium, but when it comes to try to bring from the synapse realm to the physical realm there is something missing in the process.  The same can be said of creating a photographic image.  I may have the best of intentions to create an image that is clean and sharply focused; however, I end up with soft edges and blur.  Does this mean that our vision is not complete?  Or should we learn to embrace the process that imperfection can bring a glimpse of perfection?

I am leaning more towards the second view point these days.  If I set up in my head an exact image of what I want I am missing the process.  I am missing the valuable steps that take an idea, that sudden impulse, and be able to bring it to completion.  These two images today are both not as I intended to end up with.  I wanted them to be sharp macro images that illuminate the beautiful intricacies of the flowers.  What I ended up with were blurs of shapes and colors.

As I was looking at the images for a second time, in post, they became expressions of color.  That is how their imperfection spoke to me.  Not what is wrong with the images  but what is right with the images.  I first viewed them as rejects.  I saw everything that they were not.  They weren’t sharp.  They weren’t  well focused.  If i hadn’t of given them a second going over I would have missed the beauty that they had become.  They became perfected through their imperfection.  Their first perceived negative points became their strengths.

The colors became my longing for the Big Island of Hawaii.  Those days nearly three years ago were we played under deep blue skies and watched the flora fill our vision.  The colors of Hawaii here in the semi countryside of Chiba Prefecture, spoke to me.  I was only able to enjoy this expression because I transformed my imperfection into a perfection.  At least a perfection for the moment.

Holding Steady Wind

Hawaiian Dream in Chiba

8 String Bass Guitar Rebirth of the Soul

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Time is a curious subject.  The older I get the more I loose any sense of time.  Time moves quickly, and I often measure time from when I saw a movie, or when I took a trip somewhere.  These are the markers of the years.  I have been thinking about where I want to lead my life from this point forward.  I had a deep conversation with my dearest friend Jerry Kolber who has agreed to help assist me in my search.  He is going to help me focus in on my subconscious and conscious mind.  The conversation definitely set off something in my subconscious because, that night I had an extremely vivid dream.  It was one of those dreams that I knew it was my subconscious trying to communicate with my woken mind.  I woke up and wrote down all the details that I could remember.

Objects from the dream include:

8 string bass guitar

triangular room


exotic beer

emotional content:






artistic/creative world

regular world

I am still in the process of unscrambling the images of the dream, but it already has had an impact on my life.  I took my acoustic guitar out of storage.  I took the old rusty strings off, and restrung it with some shiny brand new metallic strings.  Once I finally was able to get the guitar in tune, thanks to some online tuners, I proceeded to play for the next couple of hours.  I was just having fun.  Playing along with some music, looking up some notations online.  In other words, just vibing out.  It was just me and my guitar.

The weather has really turned to fall and I have the window in our place opened with a cool dry breeze blowing in.  I started to think about the dream again.  This time I took out a blank book I had bought, and I filled its first page with some of the dream images.  It was amazing.  I had tried to paint over the summer, but I couldn’t get anywhere.  Here, a dream led to one of my first drawings in a few year.

I am blessed.  I thank the Creator for stirring up my soul to help get my creative juices flowing.  I am looking forward to the rebirth of my soul.  I am open.  I am trying to be open is better way to look at it.  I am going to keep on searching for truth.

8 String Soul Rebirth

I Dreamed I Awoke in my First House

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Wandering the streets is just something that I need to do.  I also need to wander though the memory and synapses of my mind to be able to share some of myself with those that are also thirsty to see.  Wandering the backstreets of Ichikawa, can be a physical manifestation of the labyrinth of my soul.  I wander the streets, intentionally trying to loose my way.  To turn a corner to find that mystery at the end of a long left turn.  Sometimes there is a dead end, and the mind, and camera must turn around and become lost in the maze of asphalt again.

So, wander, get lost in yourself and find those dark places that need to be discovered in order to keep balance in your life and my life.

I Dreamed I Awoke in my First House When I was a Child

There Are Men and Women in This World

Concrete Reflected Flower

Florida Dreamy

Saturday, August 1st, 2009

Laid up, still with a sore rib.

Dreaming of march in florida


Big Blue Bahia

















Sunny Green Day

Downtown Corner

Porch Silk

Red Vision of my Youth

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Red.  Big bright bushy red.  The kind of red that only appears in dreamtime. I hadn’t seen the the scarlet color of the Bottle brush tree since I was a youth in Miami, Florida.  The yellow pollen from the thousands of trees would form haphazard swirls on the floor.  I was quite surprised to be wandering back to Shin Urayasu station when my mouth dropped in awe of those vision from times passed.


Time passes to red blurs with yellow powder sprinkles.

Bottle Brush Blur

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