Bridge to My Dreams: Ichikawa Style

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Bridge to My Dreams: Ichikawa Style

Once upon a time a young man had many dreams.

Visions filled his head of brides, paths, towering heights over vast expanses of water.

Was it Key West?

Was it the San Francisco Bay Area?

Or was it Myoden in Ichikawa?

The young man thought he knew the answer, but he does not know.

He only knows that a young man once dreamt of bridges stretching to the horizon.

The young man dreams.

The middle aged man remembers the dreams.

The old man collages the dreams and reality.


Bridge to My Dreams: Ichikawa Style.

Frantic Synaptic Connections

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

as the mind makes that shift into the subconscious, the images that filled the day race from one synapse to another, frantically searching for refuge.

the night will come.
the eyes close,

the images return gray shades. the shades of my technicolor dreams.


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