Lonely Crane of Nippori Station

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

After making it all the way to Nippori station from wandering from Minowa I found this little origami crane tucked into an iron girder at the station.  It reminded me of the stillness that I often seek out in my life.  As the rushing madness of the city swirls by here a quiet crane sat amongst the dust and peeling paint.





Nippori Eki Crane

Close and Not so Close, Tsudanuma City

Friday, April 9th, 2010

A new neighborhood has been granted to me to explore.  This neighborhood is outside of Tokyo and falls in Chiba prefecture.  Tsudanuma.  Its a bustling little hub between Nishi Funabashi station and the big JR station in Chiba city.  I only was able to scratch the surface today, but I know I will be back and wander the back streets of this town.  For now, this will satisfy my hunger to explore the neighborhood.  But, just.

Stack of Pachinko Slots

Tsudanuma Box

Ripped Into It

Lookin' Through a Comic

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