All Nature is Sacred

Friday, June 14th, 2013

All Trees are Sacred to Earth


In the indigenous Shinto faith of Japan sacred natural objects are marked by tying a twisted or braided rope around them.  This signifies that they hold a special place in the faith.  They are natural objects that hold the spirits of the land.  They could be trees, rocks, mountains, and even waterfalls.

I appreciate the reverence of nature in the Shinto faith, but I also have some troubles with it.  Nature is worshiped by some practitioners as a god.  I for one do not subscribe to this belief; because, for me there is one and Only one God.  All nature flows and is possible because of the One God.  I am thankful that I live in a country and grew up in another one that allows people to follow and worship as they see.   I know that all nature is scared, and humans should work to protect the nature we have.  We shouldn’t just preserve a tree here and there as a memory for the wilds that once spread over the land.

For without nature we will not be able to nourish our bodies and souls.  If humans allow our land to be ravaged by industry we are doomed to perish.  In genesis 1:28 we are commanded to have dominion over the earth.  I read this in that we have to be it’s caretakers.  We are not to brutally destroy the earth as some have interpreted.  We are the ones responsible for its care.  We must be the ones to call out for justice because the animals cannot.

We must not forget that we came from the earth.  We might be living in a technological bubble and have contact with the earth, but it is never to late to establish those connections.  We are only capable of being fully human when we are caring for our communal world.

Let us be the caretakers of the earth.  We are here for only a short time; therefore, let us strive to make the world a healthy thriving planet.


The Way, Meijijingu Path

Promise Acorn

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Promise Acorn [約束どんぐり]

There is a promise contained within the tough head of every acorn.  This promise has been handed down from generation after generation.  If the acorn find its way to the earth, becomes buried under the moist ground, is given thirst quenching water it too can grow into a mighty oak tree.

Nature’s covenant has been written into an acorn’s DNA structure.  If the natural progression is followed then the acorn can become a tree.  Yes that’s right, can.  There is no guarantee that all the elements needed to bring the seed to fruition will occur.  The acorn must adhere to nature’s laws to sprout into a mighty oak.

I could endlessly stare up and marvel at the mighty oak tree, and be reminded that it was once just an acorn at natures whim.

We can take measures to help the acorn along the way.  We can plant the acorn in soil.  Feed it the elixir of water.  Plant a barrier to keep the wind at bay in its youth.

Again, these acts can help the acorn to flourish, but a squirrel could come along and snatch it up for its long winter supper.  There are no guarantees.  There is the possibility for obstacles to cut the acorn’s life short.

There is always the promise, we have to live up to the promise.  Help nourish that promise along the way, and have faith that the roots will seep deep, and the branches will grow strong.

Remember the promise.



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