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Fernando Prats: Photographic Internet Master

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

This is the inaugural blog in my new Lucid Thoughts section on Lucid Communication.  This section will be where I write about artists that inspire me, things that cooler than cool, and other nuggets of Internet archaeology.  I hope that people out there will enjoy, visit, and follow the goings on in Cooler Than Cool Photography.  I look forward to creating more Lucid Communication with artists from around this beautiful globe.

I first met the Spain based artist Fernando Prats back in the wild west days of Myspace.  I was new to the Myspace world back in 2006 and I was quickly becoming frustrated with not being able to link up with any other visual artists.  There were an abundance of musicians of all stripes and sounds, but I kept on thinking to myself, “where are the artists, photographers, and filmakers?”  It was around this time that I came across the Myspace page for Y Sin Embargo Magazine.  I was browsing around the comments and the Magazines page thinking that this is pretty cool, and this is what the Myspace experience should be about for myself and other artists.

I wrote Y Sin Embargo an email on Myspace saying how much I liked the site and that I would love to collaborate on an upcoming issue.  Low and behold I received an email back from Fernando.  Not only did he reply but he also said how much he liked my work and that I should submit some work to the magazine.  This was the beginning of our cross the globe friendship and artistic collaborations with my work being included in Y Sin Embargo #11 issue, Hermosa.   Which was quickly followed up by my work being paired with a writer for inclusion in the Y Sin Embargo #12 issue, Habitat Habitos.

I was so impressed not only Fernando’s work as a photographer but his artistic layout design to create spaces where he and his fellow artists can showcase their work.  Fernando has a brilliant eye for layout design which he explores on Estudi Prats, and through the way in which his simple and elegant designs do not detract from the work that they are presenting but that they add another beautiful layer to the artistic expression.

Another space that Fernando has created for artists to interact with each other is the Flickr group Rhizome Candidum, Rhizome Premium, and Rhizome Summum.  I usually have stayed away from groups that demand the users post awards to other peoples work, but this Flickr group is different.  The level of work submitted to the three tiered group is some of the best work that I have found on the net.  Prats encourages the members of the group to create comments that are constructive and help all improve the overall quality of the group.  This is the essence of the Rhizome groups.  For the artists to work together and create stronger expressive work.   And much inline with my own personal philosophy of Lucid Communication, the artists interact with each other and we all strive to encourage each other to develop ourselves as artists.  I fully enjoy interacting with my fellow astists, including Fernando Prats on Flickr.

Fernando Prats has developed an international network of artists and puts the Internet to good use.  In fact, his presence on the Internet is the most profound that I have yet to find.  He manages to explore all the niches of the Internet where artists gather to exchange views, represent themselves, and further their artistic goals.  As the Internet is ever expanding Fernando will be right there using the latest tools to further his lucid communication with the artistic community.

Fernando Prats’ photographic work often deals with the theme of how humans interact, and build structures in the places that we inhabit.  To call his work simply architectural photography would be to miss the message in the photographs.  The space, and often seemingly empty space, allows the viewer to gaze into the city in a way that they have never seen before.  How the buildings jagged edges cut out sections of the sky as he aims his lens towards the heavens.  The dark shapes shift and comment on how humans try to reach the heavens, but we are still mentally pulled down by the earth’s gravity.  A collection on his studies of the interaction of architecture in Buenos Ares, called “a taste of immadencity.”    Prats says, that there is “a discourse of the shapes as a dialog of power,” about his collection of photographs that were all made in one day of shooting in the Puerto Madero area of Buenos Ares, and, “limited to obeying the histogram’s wishes,” Prats further explains.

I asked Fernando some questions about his online presence and what that means to him as an artist.

You have an amazing online presence. How has this helped your creativity?
To show works to various audiences through its peculiar mechanisms can help producing a new look & feel to those same works.  Although there are secure movements within certain styles -or at least, that’s what one can think…- each audience has its tastes and, surprisingly, they do not match very frequently.

Has it allowed you to make a living as an artist?
Well, certainly not because of online presence at all… the 2.0 audience is very reluctant to pay for contents or artworks even if their price is nominal and ridiculous[ly low].

Do you ever find your online presence to much to keep control of?
Probably I should be but my sincere answer is, I’m not sure why, no. Perhaps the fact of doing different things at the same time most of the time, could be considered a sort of training.
(author’s note: I especially feel Fernando on that one.  I too at times feel overwhelmed by training to keep an online presence fresh and constantly evolving.  I too, as a photographer, feel that the online presence is a form of training.  A way for artist to keep honing their creativity.)

What new artistic works do you have coming out soon?
The last book I published is “Deshielo” (poetry), the next one is the full version of “Immadencity: Buenos Aires Contemporary Architecture according to fernandoprats”.  I’m preparing one about New York and one about Barcelona and will be correcting “Monda Lironda” (poetry, which complets the three-lejía “Al Català’, alongside “Deshielo” and “Corto y afilado”) for next year.  Also, I’ve two or three series of new work in-progress with painter Miguel Ruibal and the idea of presenting a real exhibition of Prats/Ruibal.
This is just a taste of all the work that Fernando Prats has accomplished and his amazing presence on the web.  I feel fortunate to be able to count Fernando Prats as one of my dear artistic friends.  His work continues to inspire me and he has helped me to set high goals for myself with regards to my artistic expression.  I always look forward to seeing his work, and I know that someday we will be able to cross paths in the flesh.  I want to send out a heartfelt thank you to Fernando Prats for helping me to create this inaugural blog in the Cooler than Cool Photography section of the Lucid Communication website.
Fernando maintains an amazing Internet presence in the cybersphere.  He interacts, posts and generally uses the Internet to pursue his artistic visions.  This is a list of Fernando’s presence on the Internet.  I invite you all to take a look and browse through the different links.  Some of his works are available for free to download.
Below is just a small sampling of Fernando Prats photographic works.  Many of the images are from his soon to be releases book titled A taste of immadencity to be released in December this year.  Fernando describes the images in the book as follows: Immadencity: Buenos Aires contemporary architecture according to Fernando Prats.  He is awaiting the creation of some original music to accompany the images by RV
These images contained in this blog posting are copyrighted by Fernando Prats 2011.

Y Sin Embargo Curated Show on ****Contrasted Gallery

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

I am fortunate to know Fernando Prats of Y SIN EMBARGO magazine for a few years now.  He was one of the first curators I had met by way of online networking that liked my photography and my work debuted in Y SIN EMBARGO magazine 4 years ago in March 2007.  My work has appeared in several issues, and I support the world wide movement that Y Sin Embargo has created for the world.

Please take some time to check out the curated work, and see some of the great work, by my friends from all over the world.

Ver la muestra en pantalla completa / Watch it, please: YSExhibition slideshow


fernandoprats “Leonie Polah” “Oriol Espinal” “dou_ble_you” Azurebumble Kozology “Françoise Lucas” “Wilma Eras” “Manuel Diumenjó” “jef safi” “Alicia Pallas” Brancolina “Zep Wernbacher” “Simon Fröehlich” “Augusto Rosa” “Bill Horne” “Thomas Hagström” “Jacob Schere” “Lawrence Roberts” “Natalia Osiatynska” “Lisa Kehoe” “Susan Wolff” htakat “Sabine Portela” “Gabriel Magri” “Olivier Gilet” Ezook “Alain Vaisierre” “Rosa Delia Guerrero” Mensaka “Julian Gomez” “Jose Javier” “Lucky Clov” “Ron Herrema” “Mara Carrion” “R Galan” Yanomano “Nacho Piedrola” “Barbara Stumm” “Jurek Durczak” “dba lehane” “Patricia Gil” “Doris Stritcher” “Yves Moreaux” “Inga Melnikova” “Teng Tan” “Alba Escayo” “Louise Mann” “Francisco Neto” “Thomas Zicola” “Victor Obrist” JPCandelier “Nigel Christian” lonah “Mark Valentine” “Enric Leor” “Sam Javanrouh” Boris. battles and “Mucha Paciencia”.


A hard selection of some YSEfots published at Y SIN EMBARGO magazine in a unique event. Curated by fernandoprats for the benefit of ****contrasted gallery

Y Sin Embargo Magazine #21 Page 01

Y Sin Embargo Magazine #21

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

The latest edition of the ink or print Ysin Embargo Magazine dropped this monday.  It is full with fabulous artists reaction to the ever changing relationships of analog and digital medium.  There are many superb contributions to this issue.  Make it a point to check them all out.

My piece is a analog and digital conversation with my maternal grandmother.  Surrounded by the analog sights and smells that surround her.

I am ever thankful to Y Sin Embargo’s creative hurricane of Fernando Prats.  The layout and impact of the magazine would not be the same with out him.  Much respect Fernando.

you can download the PDF file here.

you can go to LULU and order the magazine here.

be sure to browse the past issues and all the happening over at Y Sin Embargo Magazine.




I will re print the text below in both English and Spanish.

they both tell a story.

interwoven expressions. of silver oxide and pixels.

together searching to unlock the gifts that lay underneath.

lifting skywards across time dimensions.

3 axis collide at the moment

the time pins the location to its x, y, z,.

across the digital waves of, 1s and 0s.

A lucid communication opens the gates between,

the converging axis.

The lens draws back, and froward, interpreting

the light into its components.

into the hands of all can access image creation.

but with access, comes pursuit of fullness.

Tmatriarical manisfestation of the n the fusion of the axis. provides the onlooker with a security code.

# # #

ambos cuentan una historia.

expresiones entrelazadas. de óxido de plata y pixeles.

juntos buscando abrir la llave de los regalos escondidos debajo.

elevándose hacia el cielo a través de dimensiones temporales.

3 ejes colisionan en el momento

en que el tiempo fija la ubicación en su x, y, z,

a través de las ondas digitales de 1s y 0s.

Una comunicación lúcida abre las puertas intermedias,

los ejes convergentes.

La lente se desplaza atrás y adelante, interpretando

la luz hacia sus componentes.

hacia las manos de todos puede acceder la creación de la imagen

pero con el acceso viene la búsqueda de la plenitud.

Manifestación matriarcal de la fusión n de los ejes. Proporciona al espectador un código de seguridad.

Copyright 2007© m2c LucidCommunication - Jacob Schere