Fire, Fire, Fire, on my Brain, and Other Things

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Fire, fire, fire is on my brain, and the random interconnected images that make of my stream of consciousness for the day.

Fire, Fire, Fire, on my Brain

Red Yellow Tango

Behind the Golden Curtrain

Yellow with a Twist

Dunking the Orange Disk Over the Keiyo

Monday, May 17th, 2010

I was fortunate to just catch the fire disk as it was slipping down to the horizon.  It was sinking fast over the Keiyo tracks, off to light the other side of the world.  It will soon be visible to my friends throughout the world as a hot orange morning.

Live up for all wether you day is just ending or beginning, for life is truly circular.

Dunking Over the Keiyo Line

Wintery Chills and Positive Vibes at Raize it Up Live

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Got to see some good vibes being dropped on the Wheels of Fire by Brimstone127, and hosted by the first lady of Miami Culture, Soulflower.  We had a fire pit going keeping us all warm until the vibes lifted up our collective temperatures.

Brimstone127 on the Wheels of Fire , Miami 2010

Kavayah Heartbeat , Miami 2010

Fire Circle, Miami 2010

Sirens, and then More Sirens

Friday, November 13th, 2009

I was quietly working on my computer when I was overwhelmed with blaring sirens.  The sirens, didn’t

cease.  They just kept on coming and coming.  I peaked out of my balcony, to my surprise, to see

the whole street filled with emergency vehicles of all kinds.  Ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks as

far as my eye could see.  I grabbed my camera, and said a quick prayer, as I rushed out the door.

Luckily, the fire in a neighbors apartment was put out quickly, but it felt as if I stepped into a

war zone.  Wet asphalt, hoses running along the street, the hustle and bustle of the workers and

many onlookers trying to see what happened.  I pray that everyone was ok.

On Looker

Fire Fighters Blur

Fire Truck on the Move

Fire Fighter on the Look Out

Following in the Fire Fighters Foot Steps

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