Winter Weeds in Ichikawa

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Winter is here with a vengeance.  Even though as I type this blog, my window is slightly ajar to let in some fresh air and that amazing yellow light.  I know the light will not last to much longer as the days are short.  The cold air comes quickly and I will be bundled up and headed for my homemade kotatsu (heated table).

These weeds on the concrete embankment of a small river is Ichikawa caught my eye the other day.  Their roots had managed to edge themselves into the cracks in the cement and had been able to grow strong and powerful.  They were reaching for that winter sunlight that makes me marvel.  They are survivors.  They have managed to eek out an existence in the inhospitable of places.  Actually they aren’t really struggling, they are thriving in this urban environment.

To be a weed.  To grow strong in the sunshine and make its home where ever its seed shall land.

Winter Weed, Riverside, Ichikawa

Bouquet Pon Wall Pon Slime Pon Camera

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

Harmony is a word we like to know but we rarely see it in practice.  How do two things that shouldn’t be in harmony with each other get to be?

I found one answer the other day as I was wondering along a wall in Chiba Prefecture. The large cement wall probably had been built to hold back the hillside from sliding into the houses that are packed in one right next to each other.  The large poured concrete wall had a few drainage pipes built into the wall in order to release some of the rain water that saturates the hillside.  In some of these drainage pipes a perfect plant bouquet was packed in.  The plant was thriving on the water that was filtering in through the mud and out through the concrete wall.  It was a pure harmonious relationship.  The wall and mus supplied the water and nutrients needed to sustain the bouquet’s life.  The plant in return added to the simple aesthetic beauty of the poured concrete.  Together they were able to capture my lens.  They were able to communicate with me about their relationship.

Yes, objects communicate with each other, and they also communicate with me.  It is a triangular relationship between the objects I focus in on, the camera that allows me to capture it, and the spirit that allows me to communicate with all sides of the process.

Lucid communication, thats what it is all about.

Wall Bouquet Slick

Vine Pon Wall Pon Pipe

Wall Bouquet 01

Under the Macro Monday

Monday, April 26th, 2010

The day started off lovely enough.  The sun was high overhead and the warmth filtered though my skin and into my bones.  On by daily stroll to and from the station, I paused to take stock the rest i had been blessed with over the weekend.  I felt energized, and all lit up around me.  I looked closely, real close to see what was in store for my lens today.  Macro, the minute detail, enlarged to be observed by the viewer.

The one powerful seed that was begun the process of breaking down the wall.  Making Babylon crumble to the ground.  It is just a weed.  Something others will just uproot.  I just want to see it grow and prosper.

Enlarge it up so that you can see the inter connections of the world.

Lost Pendant and Keys on Ticket Machine

Slipping Though the Cracks of Babylon

Lost Bubble Key Chain, Urayasu

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