Aloe You Happy?

Monday, November 21st, 2011

I sometimes am.  And then there are other times that I am not so happy.  I honestly try not to let those kind of days get to me.  Hey that is one of the reasons that I am a creative person.  The blues are meant to be chased away by our artistic endeavors.  So, when you are confronted with troubles, don’t get angry.  Take a deep breath.  Breathe so deeply that the oxygen reaches the very core of your soul.  Then, exhale out again until every last drop of air has been expelled out.  Noe, with the mind refreshed look at that same problem and find a solution.  Don’t forget if you get really stuck there are people who can always go to for some advice.

Aloe Gate Cinderblock Wall

The Key to Everything

Monday, February 1st, 2010

There are keys, and then there are keys to everything.  We all need to be on the look out, the constant search for the keys that can unlock the happiness.  I know what my keys are, well, at least I know what some of my keys are.  I will continue to search and find other.

Good hunting to all of you !

The Key to Everything

A Rare Pair of Pink Gloves

Happiness is More than Just a Job

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Happiness is what we all want.

We seek it out, we neglect our own happiness.

We all need to go out and find a tranquility and happiness.

Happiness can be simple.

Getting a roll of film back from the developers.

Waking up an hour later than usual.

Treating yourself to a nice cup of coffee.

If the simple things make you happy, think about

something that could be life changing would.

Happiness: A camera in hand

Friday, June 26th, 2009

I so look forward to that stroll on Friday afternoons.  The week is pretty  much over, the stresses

that built up over the week dissipate as I wander the backstreets back to Ichikawa station.  The rust, the decay, the faded signs, all soothe my soul.

No stress, only pure joy.


Reflect the Kanji

Lost Key, Temple Gate

till the next time. .  .    .       .

Zen is Happiness in a CIrcle

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Circle, Square, Triangle, simple shapes with deep meaning.

The circle the is no end, there is no beginning there are no corners.

The line loops around completely into its self.

Zen, Happiness, Circle

Found wandering around Ichikawa Station while waiting for the train.

Etched ever so with a marker onto its new home, floating and waiting to be

seen in terms of what it knows to be true.  Click.

Zen: is a Circular Graffiti

Pleasure in the little things…like dropping of a roll of film

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Life is simple. It is full of little pleasures. I am a uncomplicated person. I am amazed when bits of frozen water magically fall from the sky. So, today, as the rain comes down, and humidity rises. It was a pleasure to wander down the street here is Tokyo to my local developing corner store. It really lies on a corner too. And drop off a roll of 35mm film for processing. The owner of the shop is my main man. He never argues with me and tells me things that i cant do. he always is there listens and does a great job. I wish there where more people like him in the world.

Happiness does come from the most urbane sometimes. Today it was browsing though black and white images from a fresh shot roll of analog film. Sweet, isn’t it?




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