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dj honda and Terumasa Hino Mini Live at T-site in Daikanyama

Sunday, September 15th, 2013

Terumasa Hino and Dj Honda , H-Factor


I was in good graces to be invited out to catch the two most legendary “H” performers in Japan.  The jazz trailblazer Terumasa Hino, and the world renown hip hop dj honda.

Dj Honda has been putting out beats and working with an international cadre of performers since the early 90s.  Terumasa’s has been blowing the horn since the 60s.  In the wake of the 311 triple disaster the two teamed up along with Hino’s son Jino on bass to form h-factor.

The sound is where urban cuts meet the smooth and free flowing blasts of Hino’s trumpet.  They are on a tour to promote the new album Unity which can be downloaded from itunes.

The house was packed in the trendy upscale music and bookstore T-site.  The audience all had numbers and they packed the little space even though it was pouring outside.  It was dj honda on turntables and beats, Terumasa on trumpet (he also rocked some maracas, drums and cowbell.)

I was fulljoyed that Hino pulled out a shell horn to blow on for my favorite Okinawian flavored track Funakura.  They only played a short 40 minute set of three songs the other two were also off the album including the title track Unity and Never Forget 311, commemorating the triple disasters of March 11, 2011.

After the show I asked dj honda what was up next for him.  He told me that for him it is everyday in the studio making beats and a tour in Japan.  Later in the year he will make a trip to the US.

It was a great night out with great music, and good peeps!

Big time shout outs to dj honda, Hino, Jino, Gemba, and Mance


Dj Honda with Turntables and Mixer, H-Factor



Dj Honda's Custom Vinyl Pads, H-factor





Terumasa Hino with Shell Horn, H-Factor



Terumasa Hino's Custom Trumpet Mouthpiece, H-factor

Lime Green MOZE Under Maihama Bridge

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Lime Green MOZE Tag, Under Maihama Bridge

I can never get enough MOZE for my collection.  This writer’s work keeps popping up in my neighborhood, and I came across a relatively recent one under the Maihama Bridge on the Tokyo side.  The tag just grabbed me.  MOZE first tagged in black, and then went over the tag in a lime green paint that just made it POP.  Like I said I can never get enough MOZE.

I really wonder who is MOZE?  Where is he from?  Who is the KDC crew that MOZE represents.  Maybe not knowing is part of the allure of hunting for those MOZE tags, and throw ups.  Keep on representing the 03, Edogawa Ku, Kasai!

One Love


Going on a MOZE Hunt

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

MOZE at the Sushi Shop

Yesterday I went on a MOZE hunt in my neighborhood.  I’m not exactly sure why I go hunting for MOZE tags and throw ups.  It is kind of like photographic documenting version of collecting.

I don’t photograph graffiti very often in my work.  I feel that the art of graffiti is art and should more or less be left at that; however, I find MOZE to be a bit of an obsession.  First of all MOZE is very active in my own neighborhood of Kasai.  I see his tags, sticker slaps, and throw ups in my daily life.  MOZE’s work is part of my neighborhood.  I feel I need to document my interactions with MOZE even though we communicate via spray paint and my camera.

MOZE is a bit of a mystery that I am trying to solve.  Who is this writer?  Is MOZE Japanese or a foreigner?  I have ben seeing his tags for years now, and I am just compelled to go hunting for his work about once a year.  I am compelled to interact with MOZE.  Throw the photographic endeavors we engage in a distant form of communication.  On one of MOZE’s pieces he painted “Who Are You? by MOZE”  He is searching for the identity of another graffiti writer who’s work MOZE in unfamiliar with.

Big time respect for the mad bomber of Kasai, MOZE.

MOZE, Tags Under the Bridges


MOZE, Fat Cap


MOZE, Throw Up Under Kasai Bridge


MOZE, Who Are You by Moze

Good Things out of Oakland: Photographer John Coyne

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

This is the second installment of the new Lucid Thoughts section of my website Lucid Communication.  It is a new area will I will introduce photographers that inspire me, images that I find intriguing and reviews of work and artistic content.  I am proud to bring you the second feature in Lucid Thoughts section.

I have known John Coyne for quite a few years now.  He was one of the first street photographers that I met back in the myspace days that could rock the streets with a camera the same way that KRS ONE rocks the microphone.  John is out there in the streets capturing the good, the bad and the ugly side of the city he calls home Oakland, California.

I lived in the bay area for five years and I always enjoyed jumping over the hills and into the city of Oakland.  Whenever I browse though John’s photographic images I am instantly transported back to the Bay Area.  The beautiful city streets of the Bay Area always brought comfort to my heart and lens.  John has definitely tuned into the gritty beautiful essence of the San Francisco Bay Area.

John has proved again that he has hear ear to the streets as well as his lens.  He collaborated with bay area DJ Platurn on the video track “The Bones.”  The first time I watched the video I was blown away by the imagery that John laid down to compliment the hip hop track.  John’s eye captured the essence of the city that DJ Platurn and John Coyne call home.  I asked John about where the inspiration came from to create the video.  He proudly replied that, *the inspiration came from the amazing track that DJ Platurn produced and my love for the city of Oakland.”

Oaktown, a place that is often neglected in the Hip Hop world, but John feels right at home in its streets and neighborhoods. John says that by being in the streets of the Bay Area infuses perfectly with his style as a street photographer.  John Coyne strives to show his love for the bay area and this video is a perfect melding of the Oakland and Hip Hop culture.

Like many photographers are on a path to seek out truth and beauty in their photography.  John sees his work as showing the gritty street of Oakland, and seeking the beauty, that is often looked over, that the city also has to offer.  He wants to be truthful to the city, and in this author’s opinion he keeps that beautiful raw street which makes his images glow with energy.

I was curious how he made the video which consists of 90,000 plus still HDR images and HDR video.  I asked him what equipment did he use to complete the video and re replied, “for the techies, I used my Canon 5D , a interval timlapse device , premiere pro to edit it and a lil creative thinking.”  I would have to say that there is a lot more than just a “lil creative thinking” going on when it comes to the way that John Coyne rocks “The Bones” video.

I invite you to check out more of John Coyne’s photographic work on his website Caught in the Scramble there are some beauty images of the Bay Area, Hip Hop artist’s portraits and much more to be found.

I am very proud to know John Coyne as a friend and a photographer.  I am sure he will be one of the first to tell you that by keeping it truthful to the streets is what photography means to him.

You can follow John on




Caught in the Scramble

The Brass King’s Stash

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Brimstone127 and I went over to hook up with the Brass King at Above Ground Music Studio for a rehearsal for an upcoming gig in two weeks or so.  It was fab to hook up with the Brass King and chill in a studio surrounded by all things hip hop including wall to wall vinyl.  Good word sound vibrations for all.

The Brass King and Brimstone127, Miami 2010

A Picture of a Picture of Brimstone127 and The Brass King, Miami 2010

Brimstone on the Mic the Brass King on the Cut, Miami 2010

I Got Vinly if You Want Some, Miami 2010

Wintery Chills and Positive Vibes at Raize it Up Live

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Got to see some good vibes being dropped on the Wheels of Fire by Brimstone127, and hosted by the first lady of Miami Culture, Soulflower.  We had a fire pit going keeping us all warm until the vibes lifted up our collective temperatures.

Brimstone127 on the Wheels of Fire , Miami 2010

Kavayah Heartbeat , Miami 2010

Fire Circle, Miami 2010

Under the Glow of the Halides with LaGuardia and Brimstone127

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

This little impromptu session after LaGuardia on the mic, and Brimstone on the 1’s and 2’s rocked the house in the Design district in Down Town Miami.  Out into the rare dry cool night we stumbled into this homey that straight up preforming for us, stripping off his shirt and wanting to be captured in pixels.



It was one of those only in miami happenings.

Miami Under the Halide Sun 01

Miami Under the Halide Sun 02, feat LaGuardia

Miami Under the Halide Sun 03

Miami Under the Halide Sun 05

Miami Under the Halide Sun 04

OURSTORY: Maseo aka DJ Vinny Merlot and Brimstone127 aka Dj Wheatgrass

Monday, April 6th, 2009

The Dela Soul Dugout is up and running.  Nightly DJ sessions over of ustream.tv. For those of you who don’t know ustream yet, over on Dela Soul Dugout   you can catch Bumpy Knuckles aka Freddy Foxx,  and Brimstone127.   Maseo popped over the secret broadcasting location of Brimstone127 aka DJ Wheatgrass, and I was able to snap a little piece of OURSTORY.  

the dugout is where its happening!!  Real organic, true school, HIPHOP.

Maseo and Brimstone127


DELASOUL’s Dugout is where its happening!!  Real organic, true school, HIPHOP.

The Brass Prince: The Future of Real Hiphop

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

The Brass Prince son of the Brass King loves to pose, break, and getting on the wheels of steel just like his pop.  I caught up with the youths at Youth Expressions Bboy battle and jam down at the rock bottom in Miami, Florida.  If we teach the youth in what is real Hiphop culture the future will be HipHop.  His little brother follows and will get there someday too.


The Brass Prince Strikes a Pose


Youth Expressions Motion


He Will Get There


The Brass Prince


The Brass Prince will catch you all on the flip side.

Breakin’ at Hot Wheels

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

Well, when I was a youth the skating rink was called Hot Wheels.  I am not even sure what the exact name of the place is anymore, just about everyone I know still calls it hot wheels.  I was down to catch an old school breaking jam.  Fab breakers including the Street Masters Crew, Triple Seven out to just grab the floor and spur each other on.


motion, movement and light.


Triple 777, live at Hot Wheels


Breaking, Happiness


Sole of the Lens

Battle of the Century: Rara vs Jeremiah

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Down in Miami I was able to bear witness to an amazing break dance battle,  These youth had skills.  They challenged each other in a heated exchanges, looks, poses.  Then again looking at the bloodlines of these two youth, the rhythm is running thought there heart and souls.  



Jeremiah's Floor Work

Rara Kics, Jeremiah Poses

Jeremiah's Pops it!


Motion on Rara

Rara Hits the Floor


Kick it Off

Brimstone127, and the art of Posing

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