Summertime and Loquats in the City

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

Hiro Riverside with Loquat Fruit びわ


Its summertime and the loquats are high.  They are bright orange fleshy fruits bursting forth in the midsummer air.  On a rainy day somewhere between Hiroo and Ebisu station.  The broad firm leaves reached out to cross the small stream contained in concrete.  There they came to fruition against the background of a meandering waterway.

Should I have plucked a few and bite into the orange flesh, working my way around the olive size pits?  I didn’t but the beauty of the orange against the gray rainy day stopped me on my quest.


More from Roppongi and Hiroo

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

I wanted to go a wandering today, but the weather had other ideas.

I am stuck inside on this rainy day, so I’ve chosen to upload a few more pics.

Hopefully, Wednesday, the weather will be more perfect more exploring about.

Politician and Wires

Golden Rope

R Window

Sun Blasted Minami Azabu to Hiroo

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Another day on the streets.

The sun was beating down and the humidity was running high.

Hit the streets.  Got off at Roppongi station, then walked, I should say meandered over

to Hiro, then thought Minami Azabu to Gaienmai.  Lovely walk.  Lots of pics.  These are a collection

of some of the macro shots of kanji, or characters.

Remenants of a Kanji

Pub Fractured

Gold that is Black and White

Blasted by the Sun

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