Tokyo Time Machine Revisited

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Trio of Seagulls, Tokyo Time Machine Revisted


Sometimes I return to where I had photographed before.  It may be for the challenge of finding something interesting in a place I have often visited.  This time I wanted to see how much the area had deteriorated since I had last photographed along the wall.

My first visit to the small industrial island that lays in the river between Kasai and Urayasu was for a multi sensory project for DONT Magazine six years ago.  It has been one of the most expressive experiences with a web based magazine.  I was interviewed, and DONT mashed up the interview and put it with a slide show of the images.

I have passed near the island for years, and I have kept wondering what has happened to those crumbling images.  Today in the bright and shinning sun I decided to go over and check them out.

Some of the images had complete crumbled into nothingness.  Some were still there but struggling to adhere to the wall.  While  I was taking the pics an elderly guard man with a grill of missing teeth came over to me and asked me what I was doing.  I told him plainly, “I am taking pictures.”  “Of what?” I pointed at the pictures on the wall and just shrugged his shoulders like I was a completely crazed foreigner for wanting to take pictures of a wall.  He then told me it was dangerous and I shouldn’t be doing any crazy business.

I finished up my pictures and left.

Sometimes I need to return to somewhere I have been in order to know where I need to go.  Lives change, cameras are swapped out, and my vision as an artist continues to grow.


Two Children, Tokyo Time Machine Revisted

One Boy, One Shadow, Tokyo Time Machine Revisted

Flowerization in Unlikely Spaces

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Industrial Flowerization Harmony, Urayasu

The skies finally decided to dry out after a sopping wet Saturday.  I took a ride over the bridge into Urayasu to spend some time with friends.  The sun was strong and I was thankful for not wearing my windbreaker.

turned off the main street to pedal down one of the streets in the warehouse section along the water’s edge.  It being Sunday the streets were deserted.  The large aluminum sided building stood silently.  The gate closed till they reopen on Monday.

Door to door asphalt is what I thought I would find, and that was there, but there is an incredible amount of greening in process in the industrial neighborhood.  Small potted gardens lineup up outside the offices.  Gardens had been planted in the entrance ways to break the monotony of factories.

Flowers sprung up from the ground like notes on a musical score.  Reaching for the sunshine as they swayed in the breeze.

Nature given time will grind these factories into compostable dust.  All it takes is time and for the human element to leave them be.  In the meantime, I watch the struggle or the harmony of it all.  It all depend on how you choose to view the world.


I Wanna Be in an Industrial Garden

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Industrial Garden Line Up

There is something so beautiful and so sad about the industrial gardens I came across on the other side of Urayasu yesterday.  Here I was with the noise of pounding, grinding, and torching which could be beard just above the nearly typhoon strength wind.  Concrete to my left, and steel to my right.

But wait, there was more.  Each factory had a small garden.  Some where quite small and only consisted of a few potted plants.  Others were lavishly landscaped yards.  My own aesthetic tastes sides on the more haphazardly designed gardens.  Those gardens where no thought was really given to the organization to placement of the plants.

All the plants somehow work together in this land of disharmony in order to create a more perfect patch of living greenery.

The Japanese have a desire to beautify their drab surroundings even among the industrial backroads of society.  Sometimes these gardens even have vegetables and fruit being grown.  It always amazes me the connection that many try to make back to their agricultural roots.

So, this is where I want to be.  I want to be in a garden.  I want to be among the green, the fruit, the veggies. Those spaces within the urban environment where I can feel at home.  Where I can gaze out onto green patches even if there are sparse and are smack in the middle of concrete and iron.

Industrial Entrance Garden


Industrial Roped Off Garden


By the Docks, Shinagawa

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

I needed to head to Shinagawa to renew my visa today.  If you think the bureaucracy in the states is bad, it is nothing compared to the Japanese. Well at least they are usually polite, usually.  After I was done I took a stroll, or I should say a bit of an urban hike from the waterside of Shinagawa all the way to the luxury brand infused stores of Ginza.

To many pictures to choose for a day, so I will just post a few from the waterside, heartland of industry, freight and the out of the way immigration office.

74 8104 with Two Mailboxes and a Clear Umbrella

Industry Dockside Cuts

Planting Weeds

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