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Back to the Gardens in my Town, Tokyo

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

After a long break from being able to wander the gardens of Tokyo, I am back and happy to indulge my artistic nudges.  I went to a park I have been today called Rikugien Garden.  It was a beautiful park to visit on this summer afternoon.  Large fluffy clouds filled the skies as the cicadas mi mi miiied themselves into an absolute frenzy.

It feels like for most the summer is just about over, however, for me it is just beginning.  I have the freedom to wander and explore places that I have never been, always with camera in hand.  The park was for the most part empty.  I could wander nearly they whole way around the park without seeing another visitor.  Halfway around the pond there was a little chayasan (teashop) where I sat had a cup of macha (thick green tea) and a little sweet in the shape of an umbrella.  I just sat there and my senses just took in the sights and the sounds of the garden.  The little ants that marched single file on the bamboo fencing.  The koi (carp) that came to the surface begging for snacks, and the trace ripples of wind across the surface of the pond.

All in all a gorgeous day to be out in the park.  Soaking up the sunshine, the sounds, and the flavors of urban Tokyo.

Sky Land Pond, Rikugien Garden Tokyo

Bamboo Pond with Leaf, Rikugien Garden Tokyo

Stone Slab Bridge with Turtles, Rikugien Garden Tokyo

Rish Rush Brook, Rikugien Garden Tokyo

Chinzan-so Gardens with Friends

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

I had the good fortune to meet up with some friends of my family when

they were visiting in Tokyo.  The Lieber’s treated me to gorgeous lunch 

with good people and a lovely view of a rarely seen garden in the

heart of tokyo.  The garden Chinzan-so was built in the Meiji era in the late


Thanks again !


Silhouette Pagoda

A Friendly Stranger

My Girl, and Overgrown is just a word

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

2 images with almost nothing in common other than there were taken

around the same time as each other.

the first is part of a long ongoing series on “my girl.” a lovely neighborhood

statue that is often adorned with lost and found items.

The second, is the other kind of japanese garden.

My Girl in a Hat

The Other Kind of Japanese Garden

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