Everyday is to Honor Thy Mother

Sunday, May 10th, 2015

Honor thy Mother Everyday


Today the Julian calendar declares it to be Mother’s Day.  A day that goes back to the early 20th century in the United States in 1908.  This is not what I came here to write about today.  I am not here to tell the history of this civil holiday of flowers, candy and pastel colored brunches.  I am here, we are here, to discuss that everyday we need to Honor thy Mother, and thy Father.

It has personally taken me a long journey to understand this most basic of commandments.  I try hard to follow.  It isn’t always the easiest path.  In actuality it it is often the more difficult trod.

I have only one blood mother who born nursed and raised me in my life but this does not mean I haven’t had other mothers along the way.  My MomII was always there for me.  She kept me feed and looked after myself when I was away from my own home.  I know that she cared for me greatly.  My Aunt Shel, who at the time, seemed to lived forever away from my home, helped but some spiritual love in my path.  My mother in-law, Yachiyo, who I never knew so well, but she kept my belly full and accepted me as part of the family.  My grandmothers for being grandmothers to us.  One recent addition is Mama Lew an engaging woman who will always listen.

I live so far away from all my mothers.  it saddens me, but I know from all their guidance that they are always part of me.

We as a community need to respect our mother, fathers, and elders.  They have years, experience and wisdom that comes with passing of the moons.  Building a strong community begins with the bonds between parents and their children.  Children, no matter their age, need to respect and honor the sacrifices that their elders have paved for them.

Lots of Love to all the mothers and fathers that have come into my life.  Especially the one that raised me to be the man that I am today, Madelyn.




This is piece is the next in the continuing collaboration with Seth Brimstone Schere.


Kitty Motherhood

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

I am going to diverge a bit with this topic.  I am going to talk a little about kitty motherhood.  How do felines raise their young?  I came across two kitties and their mom on a small backstreet across from the local Buddhist temple.  Temples are one of the places that stray kitties hang out in, because most temples have graveyards attached to them.  The strays can find some shelter, food, and water there.  I am not sure if these kitties had owners or they had just wandered over from the temple.

As soon as I squatted down to frame up my picture, one of the kitties came right up to my lens.  It came so close that the kitty came out slightly blurred in the image.  The momma cat, who was keeping a motherly eye on her young, let out a big meow.  Just to let the kitty know not to get to close, or to let the kitty know that big momma is watching.

Mother kitties relinquish their control over their little ones once the little ones are able to wander around and explore some.  The mother will continue to supplement their diet with breast milk for as long as she can, but the babies have to start finding food on their own.

This is so different that a human child.  A human child remains so helpless for the first couple years of their life.  And in many ways they are still rather helpless even when they grow up a bit.  The kitties just get thrown into the world.  For these little strays the survival instinct overrides and they will either grow strong and survive or they will perish.

I respect motherhood in all its shapes and forms.  I hope these little ones make it and can survive in the big bad world of Chiba.

Curious Japanese Kitty

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