Imperfection Perfected with Hawaiian Color Dreams

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

More often than not things never quite go as planned.  I might have the most perfect idea in my cranium, but when it comes to try to bring from the synapse realm to the physical realm there is something missing in the process.  The same can be said of creating a photographic image.  I may have the best of intentions to create an image that is clean and sharply focused; however, I end up with soft edges and blur.  Does this mean that our vision is not complete?  Or should we learn to embrace the process that imperfection can bring a glimpse of perfection?

I am leaning more towards the second view point these days.  If I set up in my head an exact image of what I want I am missing the process.  I am missing the valuable steps that take an idea, that sudden impulse, and be able to bring it to completion.  These two images today are both not as I intended to end up with.  I wanted them to be sharp macro images that illuminate the beautiful intricacies of the flowers.  What I ended up with were blurs of shapes and colors.

As I was looking at the images for a second time, in post, they became expressions of color.  That is how their imperfection spoke to me.  Not what is wrong with the images  but what is right with the images.  I first viewed them as rejects.  I saw everything that they were not.  They weren’t sharp.  They weren’t  well focused.  If i hadn’t of given them a second going over I would have missed the beauty that they had become.  They became perfected through their imperfection.  Their first perceived negative points became their strengths.

The colors became my longing for the Big Island of Hawaii.  Those days nearly three years ago were we played under deep blue skies and watched the flora fill our vision.  The colors of Hawaii here in the semi countryside of Chiba Prefecture, spoke to me.  I was only able to enjoy this expression because I transformed my imperfection into a perfection.  At least a perfection for the moment.

Holding Steady Wind

Hawaiian Dream in Chiba

Still Movement, with Eyes

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

I was a little sidetracked yesterday as I made my way down the sunny streets to Ichikawa station.  There wasn’t much time to grab my camera, so I only clicked off a few as I made my weekly pilgrimage to the best Nepali curry I’ve come across.  Its amazing that even though I walk the same streets all the time, I am forever reshooting and finding new things of interest.  You have to got to love it.

Thank you Ichikawa!

Dusty Self

Circle Movement

The Other Side

Abandoned but still waiting

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

They might be left behind, but they are still waiting.

Waiting for who?  you might ask.  Go ahead and ask, it’s ok with me.

Uneven and Unbalanced

Nothing but a Faded Poster

Gate to the Heavens

Post box of Ivy

Moth, not Mothra

waiting and waiting for it to take shape and happen.

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