Awakening Dream in Ichikawa

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Im a bit under the weather with all the yo-yo like temperatures we have been having in Tokyo. I guess my body fought the germs off for as long as it could.

Therefore, I will keep this posting short. Walking back to the station took a lot longer than usual, and seemed like a dream. I noticed this Bird of Paradise communicating with its soba shop noren (a Japanese entryway curtain).

I feel like a haiku.

flower talking blue
lucidly communicating
awakening dream

Birds of Paradise and Soba Shop Noren

Dusk Comes to Kasai

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

After a nice day of rest I ventured around my local station to get some food, and grab some shots.  The night life was just beginning.

The colors are so saturated, and lively.  The beer was ice cold.  The air conditioners are cranked to high.  Just another night in Kasai.

Window Bleed

Golden Rope Lost Key

Night Out in Dancing Dresses

Beer Time

Step Up to Orange and Open the Door

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

The weather turned foul today.  Rain and wind prevented my camera from making an appearance today.  These shots are from the lovely Tuesday.  So, step up to the orange, open the door, open the window, and admire the beauty of nature versus man.  Nature of course will win this round.

Step, Step, Step

Door in a Minor Blue

A Wall is Only Concrete and Steel

Window with Aloe and Bricks

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