Pedaling Meditations Pause, Home, and Away

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Pond Pedal Stop Meditation

The sun was being chased away by the clouds. It would peek out for a moment lighting up all below, and the next moment it would disappear into a haze of shade.

I thought a great day to go out and pedal around the neighborhood.  A moving mediation came over me.  A rhythmic beat by beat meditation. Pedal pedal, I went, and every so often the neighborhood would force me to pause.  Take in the surroundings at a slower pace.

Between to states, being at rest and being in motion.  Up the bridge stretching over the road below, I decided to turn around.  Where did I come from?  I am so far away from home.  But, this has become my adopted home.  Looking over my neighborhood I thought about where I would go, and this quickly melted into the now.  A moment in the now.  Over the buildings wires, of where I pedal my physical body.

Home is never really that far away.  A brief pause will bring you forward to the now.  Pedal pedal pause, reflect, meditate.

Away From Home Meditation

Walk, Pause, Mediation, Repeat as often as Needed

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Moment Meditation

There are so many moments that make up our days.  These days quickly become years, and suddenly we look at the life we have lived.  For me, life is not like a movie, it is a series of moments, or frames of moments that create my life.

They are blocks of time.  These blocks are completely adjustable.  They can stretch into years, or be as fleeting as butterflies’ flapping wings.  We must make the choice to savor the moment.  To pause, breathe, take it all in, and become connected to the world that we all inhabit.

I took advantage of some extra time today to take a walk to a little Nepali curry spot for lunch.  I noticed as I was walking to the station that there is a small road on the opposite side of the tracks from where I usually trod.  I knew that I would take that road on the way back.

I had the curry, a nice surprise as to my usual bento lunch on Fridays, and headed back on the street that I had never walked.  The sun was shining, the air was wintery crisp.  I walked past a temple, and then came to a tiny playground.  There was a fence separating the playground from the temple, yet there was this gigantic multiple pronged tree on the playground side.

The shadow cast by the tree effortless connected with my spirit.  I wasn’t trying to make a photograph happen, it just happened.  I felt the hues, the charcoaled hues of the shadow, snaking in front of me and leading my eye back to the trunk of the tree.

A brief moment.  A moment of mediation where I completely melted into my subject.  The shadow, the tree chose me, to photograph them.  A beautiful moment of stillness, and clarity.

A perfect way to welcome the sabbath.

Shabbat Shalom, may you all have a beautiful day of rest.

Afternoon Siesta

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

The sun is high, but it only stays that way for a moment as the nights become longer and longer.  There was a beautiful afternoon on Friday.  The air has warmed, in a last few puffs of the lingering summer before those cold arctic fronts move in from Siberia.

It is time to take pause.  Take in one’s surroundings to see what is to be seen.  Just like this snail is pausing on the razor edge of a leaf.  He hopefully has gotten hi full of leafy greens before pausing to rest.  To sit still.  To let the world move on by around, but to just enjoy the simple peacefulness of being on a green cloud and just be.

I need that as much as the snail does.  We become so warped up in the day to day running that we all tend to forget what is really important.  We run our lives by a clock.  When we get up.  Go to work.  Meet our friends.  I often wonder what it must have been like 2000 years ago when you decided to meet friends and family for dinner.  “Hey Joseph, how about coming over for dinner at sunset?” I would ask my neighbor.  Or would people just expect visitors with that open tent hospitality?  Those pause are necessary in our life.  The getting together with our wives, family and friends.  To put the vulgar world behind us, and to steep ourselves in the love of the now.

Rest up my friends.  Get together with those that you love.  Raise your glasses as you toast the Creator.  Enjoy the afternoon siesta and all that it can redeem your spirits.

Afternoon Wander, Snail

Eclectic Electric Afternoon Blue

Time to Pause

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

I love that pause that starts Friday night.  The time to recoup my strength.  A chance to restore my mental and physical energies.  I time to reflect on the week, and plan the week to come.

I give thanks that I made it to another Friday night.  A lovely ritual of home cooked food, a glass of wine, the warm glow of candles, and the company of my wife.  It is a beautiful ritual.

All stay upfull and blessed!!

Double Me Glass

Rectangle Squared Drip

Sneaking Through

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