Spring, Lovely Spring, Come Stay Awhile

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

Backside Garden with Corrugated Plastic

The windows are open and a dry cool breeze is rustling my curtains.  Today is absolutely gorgeous.  It is sunny without being hot.  Cool with out being cold.  Dry without it being biting. It is just perfect weather.

Last night I spent some time in my own patio garden watching the plants grow.  It really is calming to be out amongst the plants that we are raising and just chill.  Just to sit there and soak up the ambience with my heart knowing that we are doing a little part to make our world, the world we share, better for all.

On this day I am free to relax my body and spirit.  To catch up on much needed spiritual nourishment that provided me with the energy needed to do my works.  I am so thankful for the sabbath.  It allows me to put trivial troubles in perspective and refocus my thoughts on matters that are truly of importance.

As I look are the sunshine as it fills my patio.  I am hopeful for a better tomorrow.  I am hopeful that this gorgeous weather that we have been blessed with hangs for a bit before the beginning of the true summer season.

In the meantime you can find out on my patio watching my plants thrive.

Stepping Up Garden with Communists

Gardening in the Neighborhood

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Flower Burst Wall Window

The weather today has been gorgeous.  It might seem strange but after a few days of some weather that just confused me, it is nice to have awoken to clear skies and coolish air.

The weather on the stroll around this Narashino neighborhood on Friday was perfect.  The small plots of land are always stuffed to the bursting point with plants.  The Japanese had a great knack when it comes to using space efficiently.  Most people who are into gardening will have plants lined up on walls, in front of the home, and even planting some in the earth if they have the space.

I love look at how beautiful and compacted these gardens are.  There is so much concrete we are surrounded by everywhere we turn, it is a pleasure to see some green leaves reaching towards the sunshine.

I too have tried to use my space efficiently by planting a container vegetable garden this year on my patio.  I will keep you posted on it’s progress.

Keep on sowing seeds!

Bush Wall Taped Up Mailbox

Hanging Garden of Ichikawa and More

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

The light is in a transitional phase now.  As the sun grows more distant, the temperature begins to drop the quality of the light changes.  The light of this early winter in the late afternoon shifts towards yellow.  I really am attracted to that yellowing light.  Even in the full glare of the sun colors are rich.  Hues pop out and speak to me though my senses.  Even as my throat ached I couldn’t help but reach for my Ricoh GR IV and capture some of that light.

The use of space is amazing in Japan.  The Japanese aesthetic manifests itself in sometimes the most unlikely places like small roadside gardens that are wedged into spaces that would just be discarded in other countries.  Here the space, any space, goes to some use.  I am always amazed how the zig zags of a home are often loaded with potted plants in a tightly manicured gardens.  Actually, they might not be so manicured.  Some of them go rather wild and free.  To my eye they represent the to dichotomies of Japanese aesthetics.  The reverence of nature, and the attempt to tame nature.  I see both in the way the Japanese create their personal gardens.  These are not the Japanese gardens that are listed as national treasures. They are the homeowner’s personal treasure.  A tiny space that reflects their love and interest in the natural world even if it may be surrounded by concrete and asphalt.  The flowers rise to greet the sun, and I stop and pause to admire their beauty.

The simple elegance of (your) neighbors friendly garden.

Elevated Row Garden, with Self

Hanging Garden of Ichikawa, Chiba, Japan

Stepping Up Cinderblock Garden

Earth Trembles, Flowers Still Bloom

Sunday, July 10th, 2011

At a little past 10 this morning we were all reminded that the earth has not settled.  The shaking was not that intense, but it shook our home for a good 30 plus seconds.  The shockwaves were of the 7.1 aftershock were felt all over Japan.

These aftershocks are always disturbing.  Just when it seems there is a bit of normalcy another large shaking jolts myself into the reality that one just never knows what will happen.  I have to have faith that I will be protected in that I hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

While the earth is still unsettled the flowers still keep on blooming.  The world keeps on spinning on it’s axis.

Have faith in your travels.

Be safe my fellow wanderers.

Marigolds. Ladybugs Friend

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