Zen Garden Moment in my Hood

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Zen Garden Hood in the Afternoon


Garden Zen Moment in the Neighborhood 

A day is as long as the muscles are sore.

The breeze blows over the rippling bay.

The sweat on one’s brow is about to break as the weather

lays wedged between spring and summer.

Rubber skids slides along the pebbly asphalt.

A home passed a thousand times beckons the eye.

Pupils dilate and  follows the rubber to a halt.

Concrete blocks, plastic planters, metallic hooks, are one with sculpted branches.

A mind rests, the eyes are dazzled.

All is a silent moment in the hood.


Goldenrod Flips

Friday, October 19th, 2012

Goldenrod Burst with Concrete Train Fence

The morning dew hung with a brisk moving stillness.

Wind whipped around my head.

Trying to think of warmer days, summer days, or at least a warmer coat.

Stepping onto the warmer comfort of the bus, I made my way to the back seat.

So thankful for a warm seat, and a window with a view.

The clear rippled skies reflect on the liquid asphalt puddles.

Gazing into the sky, I think to myself, today is a good day.

The goldenrod nodded a greeting in the warm afternoon light.

Bursting with hue, in ways only a weeded flower could.

Today is going to be a good day, I know it to be true.

No matter what may come, the light will shine.

Rising above the nonsense.

Seeking my purpose.


“No Fresher Possible” by John Walford

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

John Walford has blessed me with some beautiful words as inspired by one of my images of flowers.  He has got a beautiful gift for the words that he selects in harmony with the image.  I cannot thank him enough for the kind words, and the time he takes out of his life to livicate these words for me.

Check out his works on his website Only Connect for more interesting postings.

“No Fresher Possible”

So lusiously, luminously fresh,
So well placed within the frame,
Such sensitive seeing – no less –
Ensures Jacob Schere his fame!
— JW, June 26, 2011
Also blogged @ nowonlyconnect.blogspot.com/ , as post for June 26, 2011.

Six Points in the School Yard

Fallen Leaves and a Solo Broom: a Lament for Japan by John Walford

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

I am pleased to have had a lament for Japan by my friend John Walford.  I will let the image and the poetic words speak for themselves.

Standing Solo

“Fallen Leaves and a Solo Broom”

How time can change the way we see,
Familiar things from another year.
This lone broom, waiting to sweep
Some scattered leaves from yesteryear.

Ivy drooping over a green-stained wall,
The sloping road, and red-paved path,
Waiting in innocence for a passer-by,
To take the broom, and sweep the leaves.

Who could have known, July last year,
It might not be a gentle hand that seized
The broom – nor that the earth would shake,
The sea would roar, sweep all away – but fear.

— A lament for all lost and suffering in Japan,
and a prayer that time would witness the country
return to the graceful beauty of the single broom.
–JW, March 26, 2011, and in admiration of
Jacob Schere’s poetic vision of Japan.

Thanks John for such beautiful thought provoking words.

Originally posted at John Walford’s blog Only Connect on March 26, 2011.

A Meeting of the Ghost Buffalo Shirts, at the Pink Cow

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

A Meeting of the Ghost Buffalo Shirts was an event I attended on Friday night.  It was a gathering of the tribes of different methods of artistic expression.  We had Frank Spignese reading some painful, and alternatively hilarious poetry.  Samm Bennett performing with mouth harps, homemade guitars, and a foot box hooked up to a mic.  Also was the energetic vibrating Marcellus Neally who flowed with a group of musicians on stage at the Pink Cow.  Also there was Taylor Mingon reading some passages from his upcoming new book of poems.  All in all it was heights event, people dug the vibe, and could just cool out away from the hustle of Shibuya in a quiet corner filled with word, sound and power.

I will surely head out to the next Meeting of the Ghost Buffalo Shirts

Frank Spignese Reading His Poem

Frank Spignese, Closing it Out with One More Poem

Book of Poems

Marcellus Neally, Word Sound Power

Taylor Mingnon, Poet

Samm Bennet and the Spaghetti Cords

Samm Bennet on Triangular Guitar

Samm Bennet on Homemade Box Guitar

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