Minute Possibilities Are Still Possible

Friday, May 25th, 2012

One Petal Till Poppy Seeding

I never noticed the wild poppies that grow everywhere in Japan before the earthquake on March 11, 2011.  They bloom in the early spring.  Their tiny orange hued petals cover a small seedpod.  It is about this time of year now that the petals slowly fall off leaving only the seedpod behind.  The pods quickly dry themselves out.

Out of curiosity the other day I plucked a dried seedpod from the curbside.  I gently rubbed the sides of the pod between my thumb and index finger and let the minuscule black seeds cascaded into the palm of my hand.  There must have been more than a hundred specs of black gathering in my palm’s lines.  I imagined this multiplied by the millions of wild poppies that are scattered throughout Japan, which would be billions of seeds.

All this possibilities in the tiniest of seeds.  They will be cast off to the winds and find the warmth of the earth to bloom again next spring.  All of possibilities are there.  This one wild poppy’s seedpod could father a hundred youth.  Most likely that will never happen.  Some seeds will be gobbled up by the neighborhood birds, some washed out to see, in actuality on a select few will make it to be next years beauties to be admired.

They might not have much of a chance, but there is still a chance.  Given the love and karma they will be there swaying in the breeze come spring 2013.


Clouding Sunning in the Bokeh

Friday, May 13th, 2011

After the last two days of constant, persistent rain the sun finally made an appearance.  The humidity pushed near 100% this morning.  I suspect nature is giving us all a hint of what the summer will be like.

Even though I was born and raised in Miami, I have become fore accustomed to less humid and hot weather, because I haven’t lived in Miami for over 20 years now.  So what I am getting at that I will be baking once that mercury hits 35 (95).

Therefore as the clouds played hide and seek with the sun, I chose to get lost in the bokeh.  The blur that is created by having a shallow depth of field.  The rich colors, blur into the near distance.  The little speckles of life that come alive in miniature.

Loose yourself in color.  Stay aware of the goings on in the world, but don’t forget to touch those colors.




Burgundy Potential

Last of the Poppies

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