Ms. Kimie Oshima: Portraits of a Rakugo Artist

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

I had the pleasure to watch and photograph Ms. Kimie Oshima a rakugo artist, professor and lecturer the other day in Urayasu, Japan.  She wants to use comedy and the Japanese unique sense of humor to spread peace and laughter though out the world. 


Rakugo- Sit Down Comedy 01

Kimie Oshima sampling “Toki Soba”  (Time Noodles) Urayasu, Chiba Japan 2009



Rakugo- Sit Down Comedy 02

Yeay 2009 Urayasu Chiba Japan



Rakugo- Sit Down Comedy 03

Kimie Oshima sampling “Zoo”  Urayasu, Chiba Japan 2009




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