Healing Kaddish for Emanuel “Manny” Pushkin

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Kaddish, Requiem, Life for Manny Pushkin


Uncle  Emanuel “Manny” Pushkin in his Home with my Father, 2011, Miami.



I received a message via Facebook from my brother on the passing of my beloved uncle Manny Pushkin. His influence over my heart, and my photography have made me the photographer that have become.

I remember going to his home off Old Cutler Road and walking in the large double doors and being surrounded by art.  Not just paintings but most specifically photographs.  Uncle Manny had a passion for photography that captured my imagination.  I was amazed at how light and shadows danced in his  photographs.

When the time was right we would all shuffle into his study.  We would on the floor as he dimmed the lights to watch a slide show from their most recent trip.  We would be swept away to the golden hour sunsets of Bryce Canyon, the snow capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains.  We sat in the darkness and just marveled.  It was magic to my heart and eyes.  I still hear that gentle roar of the kodak projector, the kachunk of the changing slides and his beautiful sweet voice reliving the stories of his and my Aunt Claire’s travels.  “I want to do that,” I said to myself.

My mother once asked Uncle Manny how come all his pictures came out so well.  He replied, “Linnie, I don’t show people my bad photographs.”  This nugget of knowledge has stuck with me all the years.  The most important part of the editing process is to be selective about what you show others.

Technically I didn’t learn much from him, but I did learn that one has to have passion for life to be an artist.  He embraced life with such a passion.  He would from time pass off some of his old and equipment to me.  I still have the cameras he has given me.

He made everyone feel special.  He always wanted to know about what we were doing what we are thinking about.  I always received a birthday greeting even though I am now have become a man.

Later in life after retiring he had a new passion for butterflies.  He and Claire planted plants that attract butterflies.  For him it was never what can the world do for him, but it was always what can he do to make the world a more beautiful place.

I know that all of the hearts that he touched will shed a tear, and remember all the joy that he brought into the world.  I will always miss his warm heart.  His ability to communicate with anyone. For me as an artist, I would not be where I am today without sitting in the darkened study, and gazing up at his images.

My heart goes out to my Aunt Claire, My Cousin Joanie, My mother and all whose hearts he touched..  We miss you.

Purple Requiem

Friday, May 6th, 2011

This week brought the world wide news of the death of an infamous human, which I felt completely numb to the news.  There was no feeling of relief.  There was no sensation of joy to this news.  I was just numb to it.  My only real hope is that the troops in Afghanistan can come home and be with their families.

I received the news from a friend that his brother had passed away.  Even though the brother and I were never very close I remember him in my youthful memories of playing with Star Wars action figures in their backyard.  Making mud pits for the figures to be thrown into.  Fighting over who’s figures were ours, which we kind of solved by writing our names on the soles of Bobba Fett’s feet.  We even would tie firecrackers to some of the poor Star Wars souls and blew them to pieces.

I mourn his passing.  It hit me pretty hard, and I am reminded of how little time we are sometimes allowed on this planet.  We should love those around us.  We should stop and see the beauty out there in the world.

Much Love!

More Love!

More Life!

Violet Requiem

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