My Minami Kasai Girl with a Handful of Gravel

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

My Lady with a Handful of Gravel

There is a lady in my neighborhood of Minami Kasai that is not of flesh.  She is of sculpted and cast copper.  She is seated with her legs tucked underneath her at the beginning of a small creek. She is surrounded by a bed of well tended flowers.  She waits patiently with outstretched hands.  On some occasions passerby’s, usually the neighborhood’s children, place objects in my lady’s hands.

I have seen her dressed in scarves, and hats places on her head to keep her warm in the winter months.  Today was different.  She had a handful of gravel from the little creek.  Pebbles, stones, laying in between the crevices in her coppered hands.

My sweet Minami Kasai lady, with noting but gravel in her hands.


My Lady with a Flower in Winter

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

A Flower with my Lady in Winter

I have spied my lady again in MinamiKasai sporting a freshly cut flower.  I have spotted her many times in all seasons.  She has been bundled up with a scarf.  Kept her head covered in the blasting heat of summer with a hat.

I enjoy keeping an eye on her.  She represents the changes in the seasons by what she holds in her hands, and what is wrapped around her body.  Her copper-hued skin burnished in the winter light, is a beautiful sight for my eyes.

Keep your eyes open and see what she’ll be holding in the future.

My Lady with Flower in Winter


Where I Used to Play, The Naked Lady at Dante Fascell Park

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

I decided to head down to Coconut Grove today to enjoy the lovely cool weather.  On my way there I passed by Dante Fascell Park.  This park has been the scene for many birthdays, playtimes, and even was a location for my Bar Mitzvah portrait with my dog Sundance.  I didn’t stop, but I made a mental note to return there on the way home and explore around a bit.

I was happy to see youth climbing all over the naked lady sculpture just like I used to as a child growing up in south Florida.  There she was, in her cool gray concrete self.  Nothing to protect her from the elements.  Just the youth climbing all over her, and soaking up the cool warmth of her bosom.

I am glad to see her still there, reclining, and just chilling in the Miami sun.

Where I Used to Play, The Naked Lady at Dante Fascell Park- Nestled Between Concrete Breasts

Where I Used to Play, The Naked Lady at Dante Fascell Park- Breasts, Legs and Swings

Where I Used to Play, The Naked Lady at Dante Fascell Park- Legs and Sand

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