PATH’s Hiphop Workshop at The Haven Boys Group Home

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

PATH, Sekajipo Rocking Hardtimes at Haven

PATH visited The Haven “Home to Our Boys” in Boca Raton Florida on Monday evening.  PATH is an organization founded by Brimstone127 that teaches about Hiphop culture.  PATH stands for Preserving, Archiving, and Teaching Hiphop.  The Haven is a nationally accredited group home for boys,who have been removed from abusive and neglectful homes and placed in protective care by the state of Florida, ages 9-17,that  is dedicated to providing a safe, loving and stable environment that fosters the development of self-esteem and independence while empowering each young man to reach his full potential.

We arrived at dinner time to watch them feast on a well balanced meal of fried chicken, potatoes, bread, rice and peas, salad and vegetables.  While they were eating a gentleman from The Haven gave out cash bonuses for the youths that achieved improving grade point averages.  Some of the youth had 4.0 averages.  It was amazing to see all the boys clap and support each other’s achievements.

It was so fresh to watch the boys of  The Haven open up to the PATH mentors.  Each PATH mentor taught one of the four elements of Hip hop:  emceeing, deejaying, urban art, and b-boying.

Brimstone taught two mini workshops on deejaying.  It was beautiful to see the youth smile as they got to play with the equipment.  A few of the youth tried to challenge him to see how large his music library was, but he was able to pull up any artist that they threw at him, thus gaining their respect.

Sekajipo taught emceeing.  He got all of the boys to group around him in a cypher (rapper’s circle) and proceeded to get them to try kicking some rhymes.  Again, it was so fresh to see the youth light up by having Sekajipo teach them some of the tricks of writing and kicking rhymes.

Sicks, taught the ways of urban art, got the boys to work on a small piece using their name as the foundation. She told each group “You can do whatever you want!  There are no rules in art!”  I loved that.  There are no rules!  Only getting to expressive yourself through the medium of your choice.

NewCre taught of b-boying (Hiphop dancing).  He got their bodies moving, and even some of The Haven staff joined .

It was a great day to be out with the PATH team.  They got to share their passion for Hiphop with the youth, the future of Hiphop.  To see The Haven boys sitting around and focusing their energies into a positive direction was beautiful.  One of The Haven staff commented that the Boys never stay focused for more than a few minutes, but today PATH had their full attention.

I feel so fortunate to be a part of the PATH team.  At the end of the workshop Brimstone answered questions from the Haven boys and staff.

The PATH workshop concluded with all the youth and staff gathering around Sekajipo as he rocked Hardtimes.  A song the youth could relate too.  In fact I was so moved listening to the song, and the youth chanting the chorus “hard times” that It brought a tear to my eye.

Pure emotion.  Pure love from all the PATH workshop teachers for the boys of The Haven.

Hiphop!  Ya don’t Stop.

For more information about The Haven please visit their website.

To check out more about PATH check

One note about the pictures.  I needed to protect the identities of the youth; therefore, sometimes faces have been blurred and framing done to intentionally keep their identities.  I wish I could have shown their smiling faces!

PATH, Sekajip Teaching Through Mceeing at Haven


PATH, Brimstone Teaching art of Dejaying at Haven


PATH, Teaching art of B-boying at Haven


PATH, Sicks Teaching Urban Arts at Haven


PATH, Sekajip Teaching Emceeing at Haven


PATH, Haven Youth Reciting a Ryhme at Haven

PATH, Haven Youth Mceeing at Haven


PATH with Haven Staff


PATH Team at Haven

Sekajipo and the Jungle: The Making of the Revolution of the Mind-State Album

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

In this post I will change the focus for a minute back to some images I took last spring in Miami.  These are from some studio sessions for Sekajipo and the Jungle’s debut album The Revolution of the Mind-State.  I was so grateful to meet the ultra talented and down to earth brother Sekajipo.  He is truly a Hip Hop force that is a summation of his experiences that manifest in tight banging lyrics, tinged with reggae chats, and one drop beats.  So without further introductions.  I’ll let Sekajipo introduce himself and the players that make up the Jungle.

Check the website

and you can check sekajipo on facebook

And now Sekajipo

My name is Sekajipo Genes of the Reggae Hop ensemble Sekajipo & The Jungle. These photos were taken at 19 ONE studios in Miami, Fl, during one of the final recording sessions of my debut album the RMS (Revolution of The Mind-State). The artists in these shots have all been leaders in a movement of conscious music, art, and humanitarian work not only in South Florida, but throughout the country and world. It was an honor to be counted as one amongst this collaboration and to be embraced as new comer to the local music scene in Miami, Fl. Much love, respect, and God’s blessings to you all. Keep it Revolutionary – Sekajipo Genes

Sekajipo on the MIC, Making of RMS Album 2010

Sekajipo “…If I die aint no need to write me an obituary just ray the music’ll resurrect me from the cemetery.”  When the Lions in the booth, the Jungle comes alive! Nuff Said! “This is a Revolution, We Are the Demonstration Welcome To The Movement, Here’s Your Invitation!”

LaGuardia, Making of RMS Album 2010

Welcome to LaGuardia World. Fellow Hip Hop Educator, rocked many shows with this brother, One of the dopiest emcees I know, from the stage to the booth. This brother took the energy to another level on the TMVMT track. The Street Fighter Line was classic!

Omayra La Gitana Writing Verses, Making of RMS Album 2010

Omayra La Gitana, a sistren full of spirit and excitement brought her gypsy reggae style vocals to the One World collab track.

Kavayah on the 5 String Bass, Making of RMS Album 2010

Kavayah came through adding some sick bass lines for the TMVMT (The Movement) track.

Kavayah, Making of RMS Album 2010

The “one man band” Kavayah again on acoustic guitar, laying down some solo cuts for One World.

Livin in Amerika, Making of RMS Album 2010

This is THE notebook containing all the RMS lyrics, surviving 5 years of wear and tear its now safely stored away as an accomplished work of art. Ran out of space inside so I started writing the chorus to reggae hop jam “Livin In Amerika” on the back. Every inch of free space counts!

Rhumba King, Making of RMS Album 2010

Urban Artist, Painter and Bboy, Junior aka The Rumba King, the man of many trades,  bringing live percussion to the TMVMT and One World Collaboration.

Vocal Power, Making of RMS Album 2010

Activist, Poet, Author, and good friend in heart, mind, and soul. Maeva the Artist was the inspiration behind One World, she was during her 1st sermon in church and all I could hear was Angels singing “One World, One Love”. Jammed out at a Starbucks, I took a chance singing the chorus and she did the same on her verse. The rest is history!

Soulflower, Making of RMS Album 2010

Sista Soulflower wrote her verse for TMVMT on the spot in the studio and Raize it UP!. 1 time for the female emcees, favorite line from her “Stay Strapped, Bus Back with L.O.V.E.”

Acoustic Drums II, Making of RMS Album 2010

Sean Delaine on drums doin damage to the set! met this brother at a screening on the PATH documentary in Ft. Lauderdale and had to bring him on for this project. Showing love to the future generation of musicians.

Last Minute with Sekajipo, Making of RMS Album 2010

Last minute adjustments to my verse for One World. Striving for perfection even until the last minute! “In this battle to see every last one of us unite, music is the one weapon that we bringing to the fight.”

Final Second with Headphones, Making of RMS Album 2010

Musician, Emcee, and Engineer Final Second in the booth puttin in work as co-producer and featured artist on TMVMT. “The Youth Is The Movement!” Final is also the talent behind the people’s anthem “Hard Times”, which was later chosen as the first single off the RMS album and used for my first ever music video, with an Original Cut and Haiti Re-Cut available on Youtube.

Sekajipo Acoustic Stylings, Making of RMS Album 2010

Me preparing to strum some rhythm guitar on the One World track. 2 years of teaching myself how to play the guitar, never thought it would get to this level. Never be afraid to try something new, you just may be a natural at it! “Im just a man with a guitar and 1 mic, strumming melodies and making the best out of 1 life”

Brimstone127, Making of RMS Album 2010

The man with the master plan DJ Brimstone127! My big brother, friend, mentor, and co producer of the TMVMT track takes on the mantle of engineer for this session as well as the majority of the RMS studio recordings. Couldnt have accomplished this project without you bro!

The Jungle, Making of RMS Album 2010

Soaking it all with some of the artists of The One World/TMVMT collboration at 19 ONE studios. Featuring (from right to left) the one man band Kavayah Amyn (on bass, acoustic guitar, percussion) LaGuardia (vocals) Empress of Hip Hop Soulflower Amyn (vocals) DJ Brimstone127 (engineering, vocals) MaevatheArtist (vocals) Love Revolutionary Sekajipo Genes (vocals), Drea Andrea Sylvester (chilling in the studio providing the irie vibes) and Omayra La Gintana Boriqua (vocals) All in the name of 1 Love.

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