What You See Doesn’t Always Define Me

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Barbershop Family Crest Self Portrain


Who am I?  This is a question that has had philosophers’ heads swirling for millenniums.  I am positive that our ancestor sat around the campfire looking up into the limitless heavens and thought about their own answers to this question of all questions.  Tales have been written on velum and papyrus to attest to their search.

A friend not to long ago asked that of myself, and I was only able to answer by saying what I am not.  It was a start but it was not the end of the tale.  Is it important to know what you are not before you can answer with what you are?  I am not my clothes and flesh.  For these covering are only temporal and will rot.

I am not a tightly constructed object that can be described in a historical text.  There is more.  There is much more to all of us, if we want to know the answers.

I am searching answers to the question.  I seek truth that heals my soul.  The truth that brings love into my heart, and those who surround me.  There are many false paths along the way, and only though proper guidance from the Most High, may I avoid these pitfalls.

I become frustrated with myself when other do not share the love and respect as the foundation of human interaction.  Much of these troubles come from most people never take the steps to really reflect on who they are and what is their purpose.

I continue to search for truth, and my camera lens will be the opener, my communicator of that journey.




Shadow Self in the Neighborhood

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

The sun was out.  There air is as crisp as it get in a Tokyo winter, and I went out for a pedal powered stroll.  The neighborhood has seemed so quiet since the new year, and before the schools start up again.  I stopped on a bridge to just look over the place that I call home.

I think of myself as a shadow that just blends into the surroundings, even though in reality, I stick out like the 6ft gaijin I am.  Which is the true version?  I am not sure.  I just wanted to pause and look over the streets where I step in Minami Kasai, in Edogawa ward of Tokyo, Japan.

Shadow Self Overlooking Minami Kasai Tokyo, My Neighborhood

Geometric Homecoming in Chiba

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

I love geometry.  Now you might think that to be a little crazy.  Even if you are thinking about the geometry that we all have to study in school, but honestly out of all the math that I studied in school geometry was the only one that made any sense to me.  My reasoning behind that is I am without any doubt am a visual person.  I think visually.  I approach the world and how I relate back to the world though how I visually experience the world.  Now, I would never really go back and study geometry again.  I’m pretty sure the boat has sailed on that part of my life, but the lines, tangents, and bisecting lines have become part of my visual vocabulary.

The cubists did it the best.  They oversimplified the world that they were apart of into line, shapes, and tone.  A world that is visually experienced through shapes.  I have learned to see the world very mush though these same lenses.  I cannot help but look out into Tokyo, where I live, and see the world sometimes reduced to nothing more than lines and cubes.  I, however, know in my heart that the world is far more complicated than that.  There are shapes that cannot so easy be reduced to just a square.  The natural world, even though, it is full of repeating fractal patterns they are never quite as straight as a line of hewn stone.

This is where my lens comes in to help me navigate my way through the visual world.  Trying to bridge the two ways to seeing the world together.  That world of the straight hard edge lines that follow the rules of geometry and composition.  Then there are the rulers of the plant and natural kingdom.  The ways in which a branch grows divides and multiplies as it reached out to the sun.  I am a part of both worlds.  My physical form comes from nature.  There are now straight lines to be found on my person.  Yet I love to see a rectangular door, meeting a window at just the right moment in space and forming can conforming to our geometric rules.

The door in todays group of images is a geometric homecoming.  There are no plants visible.  There is only the hint of the natural world by the shadows that are being cast on the image.  A piece of my inner mind has left its imprint on this image.

Welcome home.  Welcome to lucid communication with myself.

Split Shadow Geometic Homecoming

Trio One Life, Potted Garden

Keeping it Geometrically Shady

Zig Zag Crash on Through

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

This can be a motto of my life.  I always seem to be zigging and zagging on though it.  There is never that clearly defined path.  So, I tend to just make my own way.  Stumbling falling down, but every so often there is the right push, and that zigging and zagging creates a break though.  A way to see beyond the next avoidance.  Do not be afraid of those unexpected failures, those crashes that leave the ego bruised and battered.  Get up, look around, and discover how you can crash on though.

These were the thoughts that occupied my mind as i wandered back to my home this afternoon.  Trying to make everyday the day that I crash and break on though simultaneously.

I try not to fret.

I try to my troubles.

I let what is to be, be.

and I create those spectacular crashes ALL by myself.

Live Up ! ! ! ! !

I Zigged, Then Zagged, and Busted on Through

Hair Flow Intertwine

Red Squared Bump

IN the Mix

Up the Danchi, Climb

Ybor City, Change, or Not Change?

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Tampa was the city of my college years.  It is where I met friends that became family, and some that still are family today.  Others, have faded into the memories of those days.

I was fortunate to travel up to Tampa with my best mate Jerry, his father Cliff and Cliff’s wife Doris from Miami.  We were on a mission to go to Bern’s Steakhouse.  But for me it was a chance to see the some streets and fragments of memories from those South Florida days.

We had a bit of time before our reservation, so we headed down to Ybor City to see if there would be anything that I would remember.  We used to head to Ybor to  hit one of the only live venues where once upon a time I saw the Lemonheads.

Walking up and down the main street, I thought I had stepped off in another world more akin with South Beach than anything I’d remembered from Tampa.  The street was now lined with venues, clubs and cigar shacks.  The cigars  I do remember, but these were new, clean, and with lots of neon signs.

Like most places, when I was in school, the early 90’s were not the best of times.  Stores were shuttered across south Florida after the excessive building of the 80’s.  Now those times have come again.  There also were dusty closed store fronts in this new hip neighborhood.  That was the Tampa I remember.  Dusty store fronts with a FOR RENT sign duct taped to the window.  I did catch a glimpse of that down on Seventh Avenue.  The gray cinder blocks with the bright blue sky overhead.

I really want to thank Cliff and Doris for spiriting us away to Tampa.

La Uetramar Jewelers, Ybor City Tampa

Deks Tag, Ybor City Tampa

Brian and the Manequin, Ybor City Tampa

The New Ybor, Ybor City Tampa

Release Fear, Ybor City Tampa

Floating Good Times, Ybor City Tampa

Circular For Rent, Ybor City Tampa

Welcome Sale, Ybor City Tampa

Reversed Frame, Ybor City Tampa

Vacant Reflection

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Staring into an empty storefront in Akihabara the other day, it brought back memories

of a project I had worked on 15 years ago.  I became obsessed with photographing empty

store fronts.  Building that are looking for tenants in the suburbs and environs of Tampa Florida..

My life had come full circle, and becoming interested with shop fronts that are abandoned and in need

of life.

Vacant Reflection


Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Lashes fall from the eye, every drifting in the breeze.

Sometimes caught by the eye.  Trying to hold on to what it once had.

Flickering in the wind, drifting from the soul.

It is all temporary.  It will fade.

It's All Temporary

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