Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Lashes fall from the eye, every drifting in the breeze.

Sometimes caught by the eye.  Trying to hold on to what it once had.

Flickering in the wind, drifting from the soul.

It is all temporary.  It will fade.

It's All Temporary

Shibamata: Wood and Grass

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Shibamata is home to the serial movie character of Tora san.

The elderly wandering salesman who traveled the width and breath of Japan.

It is now known as a good spot to see some old part of Tokyo.

Wandering Shibamata’s streets, riverside, and sidewalks on a perfect summer afternoon, I was

listening with my eyes to see what I can hear.  The cicadas were singing the kids were coming home

from their first day back at school, and I just wandered.

Wood, and Grass

Meditation Prayers, Shibamata

Touches of Time, Shibamata

Riverside, Shibamata

In the Footsteps of Tora-san, Shibamata

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